11 February 2017

7 SEO Trends to Prepare for in 2017

SEO is one of the most important thing a webmaster should take care of and recently i get my hand over and awesome infographic related to that So i thought of sharing it with my viewers. You will find SEO trends that you should follow in 2017. so below you can see that infographic.

17 January 2017

3 Tips to Help You Stay Anonymous Online

It’s never been more important to protect your privacy. Yahoo, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and the US Dept. of Justice were just a few of the enormous agencies hit with data breaches recently. In order to help keep you (and your private information) out of reach, here are three simple tips you can use to help stay anonymous online.

1. Make sure you’re using stronger passwords

The first step toward keeping your private information safe is making sure your passwords are up to snuff. Did you know that over 55 percent of people use the same password for every site? Just image the damage that could be done if someone was to gain access to one of your networks. Think of it like a set of Dominos--one piece falls and the rest will surely come toppling over. Keep your information out of reach by making sure you’re using stronger passwords. 

Here’s how:

  • Make sure you’re using at least 8-12 random characters
  • Add a combination of letters and numbers, with at least one uppercase character
  • Never use the same password twice. (If you’re having trouble keeping track of multiple passwords, then consider using something like LastPass to help keep track for you.)

2. Use an Add Blocker 

We’re living in an age where we’re constantly being barraged by advertisements. Whether they’re the billboards we see driving to work, the banners ads we see online, or the commercials we see on TV, our exposure to advertisements is at an all-time high. In fact, most online advertisements today may be popping up without us even realizing it. Web cookies are tracking our every movement online--from the sites we visit to the purchases we make--and they’re becoming more evolved. Unfortunately, while most ads are harmless, some may contain malware or other viruses that have been known to infect our computers and give hackers an entryway into our public networks. Using an ad blocker helps keep these pesky (and often dangerous) ads at bay. They work behind the scenes to help stop pesky and often slow-loading ads on the web pages we visit, thereby not only helping pages load faster but also keeping us safe from nefarious ads.

3.  Use a VPN

Short for virtual private network, a VPN works as your first (and strongest) line of defense in helping defend your privacy online. When you connect to a VPN server, your information becomes encrypted and your geographic location becomes anonymous. You’re able to browse the web from anywhere in the world. In fact, while a growing number of people use VPNs to browse anonymously, many also use them to unblock websites that may not have been available due to geographic restrictions. Ever tried to watch a YouTube video but couldn’t because the content wasn’t available in your area? A VPN can help.

By utilizing these three tips, you’ll help anonymize your online network and hopefully browse the web with greater efficiency. 

Stay safe and stay private online.

16 November 2016

How To Make Your Twitter Private Account

Hey All its me again with a brand new article and in this article in am going to explain how to make your twitter private. I know you have seen many accounts asking for permission that this account is private and you need to be allowed by the owner of this account to receive tweets.

How To Make Your Twitter Private Account

So in this article i am going to show you step by step how can you do the same. Just follow the below steps.

Step 1:
Login to your twitter account.

Step 2:
On the right upper corner you will see your profile picture click on that and you will see a drop down menu.

Step 3:
On that drop down menu you will see Setting option click on that.

Step 4:
Once you have opened setting tab now on the left side you will see different options there you have to click Security and Privacy.

Step 5:
Now in Security and Privacy you will see privacy option and there you have to click Protect my Tweets.

Step 6:
After selecting protect my tweets scroll below and click save button.

Congratulation you are done. Now any one who will follow you wouldn't get your tweets until you approve them. If this article helped don't forget to share with you friends.

14 November 2016

How To Change Twitter Handle

Yes this happened with me too ! When i first created my twitter account i forget to get a good twitter handle and after that i was searching how to change twitter handle. In this article i am going to show you how to change your twitter handle.Good thing about twitter is that you can change you username but in Facebook you can do this only once so no need to be worried.

You just have to simply follow the given steps below and you will be able to change your twitter handle. so lets start.

Steps To Change Twitter Username

Step 1:

Login to you twitter account.

Step 2:

Now on the right corner you will see your profile picture click on that and from that drop down menu go to settings.

Step 3:

The first option you will see would be username just change it what ever you want.

Step 4:

Now scroll below and you will see save button click save and you are done.

If this article helped you don't for get to share with others and do subscribe to our newsletter for updates.

24 September 2016

How Do You Delete a Twitter Account

If you are searching for the method to delete a twitter account and you have no idea how do you delete a twitter account then you are on the right website because in this small article I will show you how to delete your twitter account.

Now you just have to follow the below steps.

How Do You Delete a Twitter Account

Step 1: Log in to your twitter account.

Step 2: Click on your profile picture on the right corner of your screen.

Step 3: From there click on setting and a new page will open.

Step 4: Scroll down on that page and you will see deactivate my account at the bottom.

Step 5: Click on Deactivate my account and confirm your deactivation.

Now you have successfully deleted your twitter account.If this article helped you share it with your friends.

3 September 2016

7 Tips for Writing Your First Blog Post

Most of people ask i want to write a blog where do i start. Blogging and writing requires time and effort with no surefire guarantee that you will get the attention you expected. However, when done right, the result could be rewarding.

It’s important to keep in mind however that before achieving a solid fan base for your blog, creating that first entry matters. It’s your chance to tell the world about who you are and how can help a certain group of your choice.

Take a look at some of the tips we have compiled to help you get started with your first entry and this is how do you write a blog post.

Check for possible competition

With thousands of blogs and being published at a daily basis, it’s no longer a surprise if you see several ones writing about the same topic as you love. Don’t fret. In fact this could be good news. It only means that there is already a sure market for the stuff you wish to share. Your challenge is to get to know the authority bloggers of this niche.
What do they write about? What posts garnered more interaction from the audience?

Call out to your audience

Your first entry is a chance to tell everyone that you are there, ready to provide something of value. As soon as you write your first entry, do not forget to recognize and call for your readers. You may greet them, ask a question, invite them to join your personally designed polls and more.You must know what to write in blog post.

Be wise in using accompanying images or videos

First impression matters and when it comes to gaining a good impression, images and videos are mostly remembered compared to text. Make sure you invest some time planning out the specific media you want to include. They should be relevant, attractive and preferably something you own.
If in case you really have to use a stock photo that belongs to someone else, be sure you don’t forget to attribute it to the source.

Craft a killer headline.

They say that if you don’t get the attention of your readers for the first eight seconds as they read your title, they will most likely not continue reading the content of your post. Of course, quality content is very important and as a blogger, it’s your obligation to provide it to your audience.
However, be sure not to forget to provide significant focus on the title.

Invest time in editing your content.

There is no substitute to editing. Unfortunately, many beginning bloggers seem to disregard its importance and just automatically hit ‘publish’ without rereading their work. While there’s no rule saying that you can’t do this, even seasoned bloggers agree that proofreading does a lot of benefit in making your output even better. Don’t forget to edit. 

Provide a strong call-to-action.

In a nutshell, call-to-action is that one thing that tells your readers what to do next. After you have given then something, what do you hope for them to do next? A strong CTA (call-to-action) eventually moves audience to act. Make sure you create a good one.

Don’t forget to add the social media plugins.

Last but not the least, provide an avenue where they could share your content. Social media sharing is basically the most effective method to reach more audience. Best thing is, you don’t need to do much of the work. Granted that you create a compelling first blog post, readers will be the one to share it to their friends and so on.

Your first post matters because it gives your target audience their first impression on who you are. Take note of the tips we mentioned above and start writing your knockout blog post!

Author Bio:
Christine de Guzman is a freelance writer for Optimind Digital, a digital agency in the Philippines that provides digital marketing services. She writes articles with different topics like technology and SEO. Aside from writing, she also enjoy traveling out of town with her family and friends.

How To Unblock Someone From Twitter

Twitter is one of most famous social media platform used by almost every body working online. For privacy and security purposes you can block or unblock any one on twitter.In this article I am going to teach you how to unblock someone from twitter.

If you have blocked anyone and wanted to unblock you will learn that here.First i will discuses how can you block someone on twitter and after that i will show you how to unblock. For that follow the below steps.

How To Block Someone on Twitter

Step 1: Login to twitter.com.
Step 2: Open twitter account that you want to block.
Step 3: Now on the right corner you will see a small gear click on that click on block.

How To Unblock Someone From Twitter

Step 1: Login to your twitter account
Step 2: Click on your profile picture and from drop down menu click on setting
Step 3: From there select blocked account
Step 4: Now you will be able to see list of all accounts that you have blocked click unblock

This was it now you have successfully learn how to block or unblock anyone on your twitter account. if the article helped you tweet me that this article help you @Alizaib_Hassan .

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