26 July 2014

How To Protect Your Website From Hackers

 How To Protect Your Website From Hackers

How To Protect Your Website From HackersNow a days we spend almost maximum time of our day online and many of you would be searching for articles , videos and many more things which all of you want and many of you would be owner of websites too.So today i thought to share with you all that how to you protect your website from hackers.I thought to share this because hacking threads have increased.Hackers over there are even defacing Google too.So Here are some of the steps which would help you to protect your website from hackers.

1: Keep your script update

The first and the foremost think to protect yous website is to keep your script of website up to date because every company fix the previous bugs when they up date there version of software/script if you will not update your software its disadvantage will be that your website could be exploited by the vulnerability present in previous version of script

2: Don't use third party scripts

Never use any script of plugin form any third party site always use scripts/plugins if well known companies  who gives guaranty because many coders add backdoors in there plugins so that they can access then later.

3: Don't provide Extra information to users:

When ever us use any login box in your website always provide to the point information nor less neither more then needed for example if you have any login box in your website and some one enters a wrong username or password don't show output like your password is wring or username in wrong always say please check your user name or password.

4: Don't share password with any one:

Never share password of your website admin panel with any one.you can be hacked even due to your carelessness so always keep your passwords secrete.

5: Don't give over access to users:

If you have a user or moderator which have to modify only template of users then give him only access to template that user should not have more access then that he could not access database etc.

6: Never use public computers:

Never use public computers to access your website because many hackers have installed keylogger and rats etc in those computers so he can access you logged keys and this will led you to a hack.

7: Always use different passwords:

Never use same password for every account you own because if someone have accessed your account then he will definitely try that password on your other account.

8: Use difficult password:

Always use difficult passwords that now one can guess because many people use 12345, 12345678 asdf ,admin , etc these type of passwords these passwords are mostly tested by hacker so always use difficult password use upper case lower case and special characters in your passwords.

9: Use Encryption:

Never save your password in simple text in your database always use hashes and salts to encrypt your password because if you database has been dumped so the hacker wold have difficulty to use encrypted passwords instead of simple text.

10: Always take Backup:

Take backup of your website on daily bases no body knows what will happen next so you should have backup files to stand your site again if some things happens.

Last words and my advice:

As Hacking Cases are increasing daily so we should have to be update our self's too i strongly suggest you to learn about security more in depth.


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