18 July 2014

Importance of SEO for Website/Blog

Importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


What Is SEO ?

What Is SEO? this is the first question which arises in our mind when we hear the word SEO.Well SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.The Main purpose of SEO is to optimize your website in Search Engines youcan see the process of search engine optimizations in the image on your side.

Why SEO Is Important?

Importance of SEOWell i would say Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is similar to out Soul if a body has no soul it is useless but in case of SEO you Content will not be totally useless but it would be almost useless.It is SEO which brings your website on first page on Search Engines like Google,Yahoo,Bing etc.SEO makes the content of a article/post more attractive and relative to search engines.Search Engine Optimization can will increase you websites page rank in search engines and it will help you to grow your website traffic.SEO is very benefit for business purposes.

Things which Makes SEO Easy

These are many things out there which makes SEO vary easy now a days.This Best Advice i can give to you for SEO is "DO NOT COPY" someone's content this is the thing which will effect your.Always try to wright you own content.Try to make back links of your website on other high ranked websites.Another thing which is really helpful for getting traffic to your website is "Social Media" always share you articles on social medias you have joined like Facebook , Twitter, LinkedIn etc they will give you a lot of traffic but do not depend only social media traffic because they are temporary real traffic is through search engines which is permanent source of traffic for your website.

Best Tool for SEO

Google webmaster tool is the best thing which will help you in SEO.There are many tools for SEO in Gogle Webmaster Tools.It is a service provided by Google for webmasters.It allows you to check your website status etc it is free to use and its best service is that you can submit sitemap.

Well This is much for today if you have any question just leave in the comment and keep visiting this is what make me enthusiastic to wright more and more.


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  2. The only way to make your website’s popularity is to create unique content, provide answers for visitors, and then share your blogs wherever you can.

    1. Yes Shweta,
      i agree with you your main Ame should be to help your visitors if they are getting benefit from your articles than you are going well.


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