26 March 2015

How to write a blog post step by step method

Writing a blog post is a great skill now days if you don’t know how to write a blog post your blogging is useless because you are not getting good amount of visitors and you are not ranked well in search engines because you have not wrote a good post. Many people over the internet don’t even know how to write a blog post but no worries if you are one of them because in this article I am going to tell you a proper way of writing a blog post before we start you should remember one thing that it takes time to rank in Google so you have to wait for some time to get your results.

Understand your audience

If you want to learn how to write a blog post the first step is that you must know your audience. If you don’t know your audience you cannot make them happy first you have to figure out what your audience need for example if almost all of your audience know much about business so you would now be telling them how to start a business because they already know that you should give them tips of increase you business ranking etc. So first research and know what you audience need.

Select a topic

The secret for writing a blog post is topic selection before you start any blog first you have to do a lot research. Select a specific topic and research on it always select that topic about which people search and you are should be familiar with that topic.

Write Attractive heading

Now if you have selected your topic you have to write. Now first and the most important thing is to add an attractive heading to it so that people could attract towards your post as old people say first impression is the last impression so you should give an awesome first impression.


Now it’s time to write main content of post always remember content is king so always provide quality content and try to write long posts because if you will search anything in Google you will mostly fine long posts which are ranked you post should be minimum 500 words. Provide all the details you know about that post any try to teach others easy way so that they could admire you as a good teacher.

Fix your formatting

Now you have got a lot of knowledge about how to write a blog post so it’s almost end after completing the whole post make what you have to do is bold some important lines use headings before starting a paragraph and us h1 and h2 tags to do so.


Use different keywords in your post which you want to rank and repeat those keywords several times in you post like in this your my keyword is how to write a blog post so I will repeat it few times in my post so you could do the same but always remember do not repeat it a lot be in limits otherwise Google will think its spamming .

Last words

Now after reading this post you have come to know how to write a blog post but reading is not enough so be practical and use these instruction on you blog. If you like our article kindly shares it with you friends and so that they could also use it for their benefit.


  1. Very informative ideas, keep on posting more.

    1. Hi Eddie
      Thanks for your comment keep visiting .....

    2. Hi Alizaib.
      I will always drop-by because some of your posts are very valuable to me most specially that I am also blogging but its different idea. But of course, the technique in doing, are the same, I found it very valuable.

    3. I am very Pleased to hear that you liked our content keep visiting we will help you however we can


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