24 March 2015

What is SEO Brief Introduction about SEO

What is SEO ?

Well SEO stands for Search Engine optimization and the simplest definition of search engine optimization can be defined as “The Process of understanding Search Engines and ranking yourself” Well basically search engine optimization helps you a lot if you are reading this article then this is also due to SEO because the main purpose of search engine optimization is to making something popular to other by any means whenever you search for something in Google, Yahoo or being or any other search engine definitely you will see many websites regarding you search results now that is outcome of SEO. Now after knowing what is SEO its time know know a little bit about types of SEO Types of search engine optimization

  • On page SEO
  • Off page SEO

What is on Page SEO

On page search engine optimization is within the page of your article or post for example the quality of your post the length of your post and the keywords you used etc these type of thing are included in on page SEO.

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What is off page SEO

Off page search engine optimization consists upon those things which you have to do after publishing your article for example sharing you post on social Medias creating backlinks etc these things are included in off page search engine optimization. So you have figured it out that what is SEO and search engine optimization is not that difficult the last thing that you should always keep in mind that about 80% of internet users never view Google’s second page you can take you own example have you ever checked on second page on any of you random search. Now there are few things which really help you to rank in Google but the most important thing is that you must know How to write a post because if you don’t have much knowledge about writing a post it means you don’t have chance to rank in Google after that you should go towards other thing soon I will post an article on Basics of SEO so keep visiting and a tip I will like to give you at the end is that always create the site which is love by people you will definitely get a large amount of visitors. If you have any question regarding what is SEO or any thing in this this article do comment below i will love to answer them


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