3 April 2015

How To Rank Without Backlinks

Can a website rank without backlinks

Well if we think about backlinks the question arises in our mind that what are backlinks, how are they helpful and weather my website can be ranked without backlinks? So how to rank without backlinks Most of people think that we can not rank a website without backlinks but unfortunately this is not true.You can rank without website but yes backlinks really help in increasing rank but believe me when your website rank will start to increase backlinks will be formed automatically.

Well backlinks are useful but they are dangerous too for your website if you have done well for making a backlink then that backlink will help you but if you haven't then they can be declared as spam too .if you will have a look towards ranked website you will come to know that those websites have backlinks but there will be also many website which have less amount of backlinks. Backlinks are not only the thinks which are used to rank website those are just a one thing but for ranking a website you should have good content and better keywords we can say that content quality is the main thinks which helps to rank a website so it means you if you want to rank a website you must have Good quality content

Backlinks are only one factor to rank a website good content will  also help you in getting visitors if you are providing good any quality content which is liked by Visitors then they will definitely check more stuff on your website.One more thing that you will get by providing quality content is nature and organic backlinks suppose some one have really liked your article and he have shared it on his Website/Blog then you will get a natural backlink that is why I mentioned above you will get backlinks automatically by publishing Good content.

Social Shares AKA Social SEO

Now a days social SEO has grown and most of people are now ranking through social SEO. So always try to get more and more social signals if you want to rank well in Google the more social signal you have better there are chances to rank in Google. One of my Friend Who is very Good in SEO have just written a eBook on how to rank without backlinks and you know what he says social signals are key to success if you want to rank well in Google and defiantly quality content too.So here you can download WhiteRank - Rank Website Easily for his original website. Do comment below about feedback of this book i know you will love it.


  1. I thought SEO efforts along with Social Media can help succeed in Google. Your article taught a new way to think about ranking without backlinks!! Quite interesting.

    1. Yup now in future Social SEO is going to thank place :D Good luck with that ...


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