4 April 2015

How To Check Your Domain Performance

How To Check Your Domain Performance

I you have a domain or you want to buy a domain from any friend then how you would be able to check that weather it is safe to buy or not or weather it was involved in  any malicious activity before.Well you don't have to worry about that because in this article I will tell you how to do this all work and How to Check your domain performance.

Search you Domain's Name

To check that weather your domain is appearing on Google from you domain search or to see if someone else is saying something about you domain on any other website search your domain name on Google Example Free Top Tools or azhblog in my case because this search will show us all the places where these names are being used.

Website Search

Now you have to search your website in Google with the help of a dork.Well dorks are the keywords
which help us to find some fix things in Google so we will use site:yoursitesite.com and this will show you all the pages of your website on Google .Now if you are able to see all the posts of your website with latest post of your website then it is Good sign and if not then its bad.

Check Your Website Through Archive

Now if you go to a website known as Archive.org there will see a option to put your website put your
website domain over there and press enter and you will be able to see the previous look
of your website if that was being used by someone else before

Checking Website Through Webmaster Tools

Now if you are buying domain from your friend or someone else say him to provide you webmaster tools analysis now from there you can check the details about that domain that weather if that was working god or he is selling because of a result of spamming and if you have already have bought that domain then you could  do a reconsideration request to Google

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