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2 October 2015

17 Online Jobs For Teens to Make Money Online

I am writing about these online jobs for teens because everyone out there is trying to do something for their living.Every single person has different work to do.Some are doing job and some have their own businesses.Many are studying so that later on they can have a good job but they don't have idea that there are a lot online jobs for teens. Almost every one of them is missing something and that is the power of online earning. I mean if you have a good business or a job then good you are great carry on but you can still work online if you are willing to spend a bit of time.

Online Jobs For Teens

Almost every student is relaying on their parents money instead of doing something for there own.In this article i am going to show you how many online jobs are there for you.I don't care what is your age if you can use internet and know a little bit basic of computer you are good to go.

How to Make Money As a Teen 

If you are a student then you are missing a lot of online opportunities there are a lot of way for teens to make money online. What you need is just basic knowledge of computer and you should know how to use internet.What you have to do is follow me till the end of this post and at the end you will get familiar with many method for earning online.

Ways for teens to make money

The methods i will be explaining for in this article are listed below i will explain all of them in details .This is the list what we will be covering in this article.

  • How To Make Money from Fiverr
  • Fiverr gig ideas
  • How To Make Money With Blogging
  • How to run a successful blog
  • How to earn money with vlogging
  • How to earn from product creating
  • Product creating ideas
  • How to earn money from affiliate marketing
  • Make money by Teaching online
  • Article writing
  • How to earn money by shorten url
  • How to earn from PPC Nteworks

So lets start from first to last stay with me.

How To Make Money from Fiverr

Fiverr is a $5 online market place where you can buy or sell any service for $5 only.Every sale which you will make on fiverr they will get $1 from your each sale means you will get $4 for each order which you will complete.

How To Make Money from Fiverr

People out there are making thousand of dollars from fiverr per month.So why can't you ? .You just need a service which you can sell on fiverr. For example You are a graphic artist now you can sell your services on fiverr like you can create a logo for $5. Always try to choose a service which is easy to do. You can also sell long and big services and use gig extra feature.this was a small intro lets start creating a account.

Go to Fiverr and click join a box will appear now you have to provide email , username and password. After that you will get a conformation email. Conform you email address and your account is ready to use.

Fiverr Signup
Fiverr Signup

Now when your account is logged in they will ask a security question from you and you will have to do some other profile setting which are essential complete your profile and you will be ready to create you first gig.

Fiverr gig ideas

Now as its time to create a gig here are some good fiverr gig ideas that will work well for you. and people are earning from those services.

Logo Design

Logo design is one of the best and top selling service on fiverr.If you are good in graphics then it a great opportunity for you to earn from your graphic skills. What you have to do is create a gig on logo design make sure you provide good description so that people can understand your service better create a eye catching image for your gig.Here below is a example of top rated logo design gig on fiverr.

Logo Design

Voice Overs

If you can do a voice over then you are a very luck person this is one of the most demanded work on fiverr people want new voices it doesn't matter how many voice over gigs are already on fiverr.There are about 166 top rated sellers in that category and 916 level two and 331 on level one. You can see the potential in this service below is a good example.

voice over

WordPress Setup or Error Fixing

If you can use WordPress and you think you can setup this for other too then you should provide a gig on WordPress. WordPress is one of the most frequently used CMS and this service is also hot on fiverr.If you know a little bit of php you can also fix errors in WordPress for others.Blew is a good example.

WordPress Fiverr GIG

For more information you can read this Fiverr Guide by my Friend and BloggingCEO's owner Mohammad Umer Iftikhar.

How To Make Money With Blogging

Blogging is one of my favorite thing and that's what i love to do. I think blogging is one of the easiest way to earn online but your target should not be earning in blogging if you want to succeed in blogging you should always try to help your readers.

How To Make Money With Blogging

What you have to do in blogging is simply help others by writing on your blog.You can take this post as an example in this post you are my reader and i am helping you by letting you know these online jobs for teens.If you want to run a successful blog you should be regular in updating your blog.

If you are running a blog you can simply monetize your blog with PPC networks or sponsor advertisements we will discuses these later in this post below.

How to run a successful blog

Once i asked a question on ehow that question was how can i run a successful blog and how much article should i write every day ? you can see the answer below.

How to run a successful blogHow to earn money with vlogging

Video blogging is another awesome source of earning online. There are various ways to start vlogging carrier like Youtube , your own website or a videos blog it depends upon you which you like.

If you are going to start from YouTube then its really easy you just need a gmail account and create your channel for free after that you can start publishing your videos. you can earn by monetizing your videos with adsense ads or you can use affiliate links to sell products.

You can do the same thing on your blog or website too but for that you have to setup a blog or website for that. Now once you have a website either you can upload videos on your own server/hosting or you can embed your already uploaded videos on YouTube.

How to earn money with vlogging

Earn by Creating your own products

The best method to make money online is product creating. This is your own business i mean that your own product you can sell it in whatever way you want. All the profit which you are going to have from that product will be only yours. You are not gonna share a single dollar with someone. This is real business. In product creation you have to create a product of your own it could be ebook, or a Videos training courses, any product on amazon or ebay which you can ship to others or what ever.

Earn by Creating your own products

Product Creation ideas

Here are some ideas of few products that you can make and earn from them. i will also provide a good example of each.


ebook is a good product if you have some amazing knowledge in something. For example if you are a gym instructor your can create a ebook on how can you maintain your body fitness.You can sell that book from $9 to $47 it depends upon you where you are going to sell it and weather your audience will buy your product or not.

Product Creation ideas

WordPress or Blogger Theme

Theme are also a great source of earning if your are a web designer and developer you can develop a theme or template and sell them.normally a theme is sold for $57 less or more sometimes.You just have to work only once when you are creating that theme after that you can sell as many copies as you can.You can see a good example below and how much that theme has made.

Product Creation ideas
and now here you can see how many time this theme has been sold so you can calculate the total amount this theme has made.

Product Creation ideas

Software Selling

Not only while creating a software but every single product you create you need a good idea. A good idea is the key to success but only idea will not work you need a lot of research too on your idea.For example if you are creating a software first you have to see is there any other software available similar to yours. If yes then you have to make your software better than that one which is already available.

Let me give you example of few best software which are making a huge money

  • Internet download manager
  • FireFox
  • Chroom
  • Microsoft Office
  • Utorrent
  • Winrar
  • Avast and other antiviruses
  • etc 

Online Services

Now this is a good method for making money online. You can create a website that provide any service to people and they will pay you for that service.There are so many example for these products. Like Fiverr now as we have discussed above fiverr is a $5 market place where you can sell or buy any service for $5 but for each sale you made fiverr will get $1 now imagine how much fiverr is making from that.

Another good example is Mediafire. this website provides online storage for uploading you files online but you have to pay them for there service every month.Yes they have free package too but if you have to host more files you will have to buy a paid package for getting more storage.

Online Service Websites

How to earn money from affiliate marketing

In affiliate marketing you sell others products and get commission from them for each sale you made. How much commission you will get it depends upon the owner of product some give 30% some give 20% few will give you 50%. You can either sell others ebook or any amazon or ebay product but first you have to get a affiliate link from the owner of product if the person who bought the product will buy from your affiliate link you provided then you will get that commission.

You can get products from , Jvzoo or ebay , amazon here in there website owners provide affiliate links for there products you can get them easily.

Here for more information you can read a Affiliate marketing guide by my friend and Bloggingehow's owner Hassam Ahmad Awan.
How to earn money from affiliate marketing

Make money by Teaching online

You can earn online by teaching others what you know.For example you are expert in programming so you can teach other how to code and get paid for that. There are various platforms where you can teach others and get paid one of the best one is udemy.

Udemy is a website where you can create a course on any topic and sell that course for as much as you want.This platform help you to host your all course videos on there website and they will get some commission from each sale of your course. example of one is given below.

Make money by Teaching online

Make money by Teaching online
Make money by Teaching online

Earn by doing article writing jobs

If you are a writer you can earn by writing articles for others there are several article writing jobs available online.You can also create a gig on fiverr that i will write an article for $5 or you can join any website which pay for writing articles more ever if you are very good at writing article.Many big brands hair article writers and give $200 - $500 per article depending upon your expertise. So there is a great potential in article writing too.

article writing jobs

How to earn money by shorten url service

This one is the most easiest method from which you can make money online.There are few website which convert a long url into short. Good thing is you can earn from them have you ever opened a URL and you are redirected to a page saying wait 5 seconds and then click skip add. Well that is the way.

How to earn money by shorten url service

What you have to do is signup for and now whenever you will short a url and any body will open that URL you will get paid its very simple. You just simply have to short a url and then share it on your social media profiles or provide in on your website on download links.

How to earn money by shorten url service

How to earn from PPC Nteworks

PPC stands for pay per click these networks are mostly advertising networks like Google Adsense, Infolinks,

How to Earn With Google Adsense

Google Adsense is one of the most famous method for earning online. Adsense is a service which is introduced by google.In short you have to show google ads on your website or blogs and you will get paid for that you can read details about adsense over here in this adsense guide.

How to Earn With Google Adsense

How to Earn With is a service by Yahoo and bing.This service work same as adsense but have small difference it also pays a good amount of money if you have decent traffic on your website.It is a little defficult to get approved for as compare to adsense because it need a good amount of traffic from US and UK.If you don't have adsense it is a good Alternative.

You can check good alternatives to adsense over here.

How to Earn With

Earn Through Infolinks ( Click Here to Join Infolinks )

Infolinks is another great network to use for advertising on your blog. As there requirements are not that much for approval therefor it is very easy to get approval. If you have decent amount or traffic you can easily earn up to 500$ too.So i will suggest to join infolinks too because you can use it with others network too like adsense or media dot net.


So here it end and you can see there are several methods for teens to make money online one should have potential to do so.If you are welling to give time to any of the method above you will defiantly make this post i have covered many methods but there are hundred of others too if you have ever worked on any other do let me know in comments i will live you response.

19 April 2015

How to Reactivate Disabled Adsense Account

Adsense is one of the best Source of earning from you website or blog but getting a adsense account is one of the most difficult thing for newbies.But if someone is able to get it and he or she works on adsense for a month or more and then a worse email you receive is You Adsense account was Disables !. The bad thing is that now you can not create another account with the same information.So actually now you will think How to Reactivate Disabled Adsense Account so this is the thing which i will discuss here now how to activate google adsense disabled account.
Mostly When ever for account will disabled they will send you two reasons and i will discuses both here

* adsense disabled for invalid click activity
* adsense disabled because of copyrighted content

Adsense disabled for invalid click activity

if your adsense account has been disabled because of invalid click activity then this means either you have clicked your own ads or someone has clicked lot on you ads so therefor they have send you the email that your account has been disabled so what to do now . Now you just have to send them a email through appeal forum just answer the questions they have asked and then fill the forum and NOTE that you must have to wire that you have banned the ip adress which have clicked on your ads and send them proof to only then they will enable you disabled adsense account.

Adsense disabled because of copyrighted content

if your account has been disabled because of copyrighted content so now you have to go to the same appeal forum and answer the asked question and fill the forum NOTE you must have to write there that you have removed the copyrighted content and you will not post such stuff again.

just follow the instruction and your account will be enabled again and note that adsense is not only source of income there are many adsense alternatives out there few of them are even good than adsense too so you may go and check them too and if you have any question you can comment below to ask.

27 March 2015

How To Remove Yellow Background on Adsense Ads

I have been working on adsense for a long time but i start when i applied for adsense my ads were showing yellow color in their background. Whenever any page of my website was loaded or reloaded i always see Yellow Background on Adsense Ads.So i was always wounding why is this happening so i can to know about two reasons of this.

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Two Days Review

First reason was when ever you apply for adsense your ads will not be showing on your website until Google Adsense team Activate you account permanently.Once you apply for Google Adsense you always receive a email say please create a ad unit and place it on your website we will review your website for approving it 100%. So when you place ad on you website at that time you see Yellow Background on Adsense Ads. They review website for two days after that they fully approve you account if you are eligible.After that your ads would not be yellow again.

Template Coding Problem

Second reason was that this problem is found in the coding of most of website themes or template. So at that time my template was having problem so i fixed it with adding just a simple code to my template css.

ins {
 background: #ffffff !important;

If you are using blogger then go to template and press edit template then where you CSS coding starts just put this code there. If you are WordPress go to appearance then there click edit CSS place this code there and you are done.

25 March 2015

Google Adsense Alternatives 2016

Almost all of you know about adsense which is the best PPC network among the advertisement companies which is ran by Google. But most of the time publisher’s account is disabled because of some reasons this mostly happens with new publishers because they don’t know much about their policies and they got banned or disabled and the bad news is that you can only once participate in adsense program if you got disabled once you would not be able to create another Account again. You should learn first how dose adsense work then you should apply. But there are many adsense Alternatives through which you can earn. In this article I will introduce you with some best adsense alternatives 2016 few of them could be used with adsense too on a website.

Best Adsense Alternatives 2016

Now I am going to tell you about few best adsense alternatives through which you can earn. If your website or blog have enough traffic you can even earn more than adsense. All of them are good now it’s up to you which you will chose most of them could be use together at same time.

1# Media.Net

The best adsense alternative I think is media dot net these are yahoo and bing ads so they also pay a good amount on revenue to publisher but it is a bit difficult to approve for their account but if you have a good amount of traffic on your website your website can easily be approved and you can earn a good amount of money from media dot net.

#2 BuySellAds

BuySellAds is among the best adsense alternatives it is not based on PPC (pay per Click) it is direct advertising network which sells the empty spaces of ads on websites what they actually do is that they simply buy ads space on a website for some time I thinks that time period in one month or more and they will pay you for this if your website has good amount of traffic 20,000 impressions per month then buysellads is best alternative for you.

#3 Tribal Fusion

Tribal Fusion is also a great adsense alternative but the biggest problem is that it is very difficult to be approved for their account you must have at least 500,000 impressions per month but if you will become a member then you can get a big amount of revenue.

#4 Infolinks ( Click Here To Join Infolinks )

It is a PPC (par per click) network which is best option for those blogs or websites which have text and it is not difficult to get approved for their account you just need website having text you can get a lot of revenue from infolinks if you have good traffic on your website the minimum payout fro infolinks is $50 in your PayPal and $400 in your bank account so we can say it a good adsense alternative. There are many people who are using infolinks and good thing about infolinks is that you can use it with other advertisements.

#5 Exit junction

Exit junction is also a good adsense alternative if you have some traffic on your website or blog. Exit junction works a little bit different from other Advertisement companies when ever any visitor will leave your website a popup add will appear if that visitor will click your add you will be paid for this so you should try exit junction too.

#6 Chitika

It is also a PPC (pay per click) advertisement company they have no special requirements for their approval you just simply have to register on their website for approval many people having small blog or websites are using chitika and earning a good amount of revenue. So this is also a good adsense alternative if you have a good amount of traffic.

#7 Clicksor

It is also a good adsense alternative they pay you for the clicks on their adds that you are displaying on your website they pay $.02 for a single click on a add so you can use this for your blog and earn because many people are earning over the internet from clicksor. At the end I would say hard work is the key to success if you are working good and providing those things which are loved by people then there would be no problem for you to earn a good amount of revenue so work hard adsense is not the only way to earn there are many others you can download a list of adsense alternatives 2016 and try them. Do let me know what you think about these adsense alternatives and if you have some other share them with us. Take care of you and Happy Earning

21 November 2014

What is Adsense and How does adsense work

How does adsense work

Many of you are well familiar with Google adsense many on people are earning their lively hood through it many of my friends are earning $400 to 500$ every month and If you will search about top earners you will find that they are earning millions so why don't you Try but before going towards it you should know what is Google adsense and how dose adsense work in this article I will be showing you How does adsense work because many of people are searching and few have said me too to write an article on How does adsense work. How Does Adsense Work.

What is adsense?

It is a program or you can say product which is introduced by Google which help blogger and website owners to earn money thorough their websites of blogs.

Who is Eligible?

A person who is have a blog weather it is hosted on blogger, WordPress or self-hosted WordPress etc. but it must full fill Google policies.You can also try these Adsense Alternatives.

How much you can earn from adsense

Well it depends upon your traffic from where it is coming, how much it is coming or which keywords you are using. But you have to be patient if you want to earn because it takes time I myself didn't earned much for first 4 to 5 months people are earning 500 to 600 $ per month too. There are also many people who haven’t earned anything and left say that grapes are sour so conclusion is that this will take a lot of time but you will earn because I have my own experience.

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How does adsense work?

Well working of adsense is pretty simple or you can say how it will pay you and yes you must know how does adsense works if you want to use it there are two ways through which it pays you.
#1 through page impressions #2 through clicks

Page Impressions

This payment is based on the number of page views you have on you website.


This payment is based on no. of clicks you are having on your ads if you are having more clicks you will defiantly earn more.

Explanation how does adsense works

Now let me tell you in details how does Google adsense works well suppose you have a website and you are showing ads on that website or blog and you are also getting a large amount of traffic on that website you will get paid for the number on impressions or page views you are having on that website depending upon your keyword cost and if someone will click on the ads you are displaying you will also get paid for that. Traffic is the only source if you want to earn from it. Never ever buy traffic on your website because you will got banned. Google knows everything about your traffic sources from where it is coming and how ads are being clicked. So try to get original traffic though Search engines for this SEO will help you a lot and best of luck for your future and if you want to ask anything feel free to comment below in comments sections.I have found an image from Google about how does adsense work you can see that image for more information.

22 August 2014

Step by Step Guide To Get Adsense Account Approved

If we talk about adsense then there are so many people which are suffering from the problem that their   application in rejected by Google.Well according to my experience getting Adsense Account is the easiest thing ever.I got my adsense account approved  On just 40 days old Blog and there were just 27 posts at that time so today I will tell you in detail how did i Approved my Adsense Account from Google.

Tips To Get Adsense Account Approved Google adsense requirements

Brilliant Tips to Get Adsense Account Approved 

Well google haven't given certain requirements but they have provided their privacy policy which we can follow after reading all those policies we can conclude the following are adsense requirements.

  1. Domain Name ( You can also apply on blogger .blogspot blogs )
  2. User friendly theme or template
  3. Your website privacy policy page
  4. Your website Contact us page
  5. Your website About Page
  6. Content on You website 30 article are enough
  7. It will be better if your website is on google webmaster

Domain Name:

First thing after making a blog/website is to buy a domain name because Google prefer those blogs/websites which have domain name.I just Bought the Domain and set it to my blog you can get any domain from Godaddy.


After Adding Domain name to my blog i searched for a simple template for my blog and added it to my blog.Your blog/website should have simple user friendly template.Google also see the template design if that is user friendly or not.Well second thing i did was added a user friendly template to my blog.

Contact US , About Me and Privacy policy Page:

Your Website/Blog must have a Privacy Polity , Contact Us and About Me Page before applying because this is the most important thing before applying.Without these pages Google will not approve your application because there are conditions in there Privacy polity.If you want to Get Adsense Account Approved you must have these pages in your website/blog.Third thing i did was i added About Me,Contact Us and Privacy policy page to my blog.

Articles and posts:

Now your website/blog is ready for posting always remember "Content is King" the good content you have the more chances are for your Adsense Account Approval.Always remember Never copy others content always write your own content Google never givers Adsense account to those websites/blogs which have copyrighted materiel.The fourth thing i did was i made posts to my blog and i did not copied even a single word i wrote my own articles and published on my must have 25+ posts on your blog before.My every post was of almost 300 words. few were 200 to 250 but average posts were of 300 words.

Search Engine Optimization: 

The last thing i did was just a little bit of SEO i just submitted Site map of my  blog and added it to Webmaster Tools.

Applying for Adsense:

If your website/blog have all the things i mentioned above you can apply for adsense now but remember your website/blog should be 40 to 45 days old with 25+ posts and no Copyrighted materiel.

Last Words:

These were the thing which i applied on my blog to Get Adsense Approved.I suggest you to read Adsence Privacy policy once before applying for you website/blog and Do share you views in comments Thanks
Alizaib Hassan

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