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2 October 2015

17 Online Jobs For Teens to Make Money Online

I am writing about these online jobs for teens because everyone out there is trying to do something for their living.Every single person has different work to do.Some are doing job and some have their own businesses.Many are studying so that later on they can have a good job but they don't have idea that there are a lot online jobs for teens. Almost every one of them is missing something and that is the power of online earning. I mean if you have a good business or a job then good you are great carry on but you can still work online if you are willing to spend a bit of time.

Online Jobs For Teens

Almost every student is relaying on their parents money instead of doing something for there own.In this article i am going to show you how many online jobs are there for you.I don't care what is your age if you can use internet and know a little bit basic of computer you are good to go.

How to Make Money As a Teen 

If you are a student then you are missing a lot of online opportunities there are a lot of way for teens to make money online. What you need is just basic knowledge of computer and you should know how to use internet.What you have to do is follow me till the end of this post and at the end you will get familiar with many method for earning online.

Ways for teens to make money

The methods i will be explaining for in this article are listed below i will explain all of them in details .This is the list what we will be covering in this article.

  • How To Make Money from Fiverr
  • Fiverr gig ideas
  • How To Make Money With Blogging
  • How to run a successful blog
  • How to earn money with vlogging
  • How to earn from product creating
  • Product creating ideas
  • How to earn money from affiliate marketing
  • Make money by Teaching online
  • Article writing
  • How to earn money by shorten url
  • How to earn from PPC Nteworks

So lets start from first to last stay with me.

How To Make Money from Fiverr

Fiverr is a $5 online market place where you can buy or sell any service for $5 only.Every sale which you will make on fiverr they will get $1 from your each sale means you will get $4 for each order which you will complete.

How To Make Money from Fiverr

People out there are making thousand of dollars from fiverr per month.So why can't you ? .You just need a service which you can sell on fiverr. For example You are a graphic artist now you can sell your services on fiverr like you can create a logo for $5. Always try to choose a service which is easy to do. You can also sell long and big services and use gig extra feature.this was a small intro lets start creating a account.

Go to Fiverr and click join a box will appear now you have to provide email , username and password. After that you will get a conformation email. Conform you email address and your account is ready to use.

Fiverr Signup
Fiverr Signup

Now when your account is logged in they will ask a security question from you and you will have to do some other profile setting which are essential complete your profile and you will be ready to create you first gig.

Fiverr gig ideas

Now as its time to create a gig here are some good fiverr gig ideas that will work well for you. and people are earning from those services.

Logo Design

Logo design is one of the best and top selling service on fiverr.If you are good in graphics then it a great opportunity for you to earn from your graphic skills. What you have to do is create a gig on logo design make sure you provide good description so that people can understand your service better create a eye catching image for your gig.Here below is a example of top rated logo design gig on fiverr.

Logo Design

Voice Overs

If you can do a voice over then you are a very luck person this is one of the most demanded work on fiverr people want new voices it doesn't matter how many voice over gigs are already on fiverr.There are about 166 top rated sellers in that category and 916 level two and 331 on level one. You can see the potential in this service below is a good example.

voice over

WordPress Setup or Error Fixing

If you can use WordPress and you think you can setup this for other too then you should provide a gig on WordPress. WordPress is one of the most frequently used CMS and this service is also hot on fiverr.If you know a little bit of php you can also fix errors in WordPress for others.Blew is a good example.

WordPress Fiverr GIG

For more information you can read this Fiverr Guide by my Friend and BloggingCEO's owner Mohammad Umer Iftikhar.

How To Make Money With Blogging

Blogging is one of my favorite thing and that's what i love to do. I think blogging is one of the easiest way to earn online but your target should not be earning in blogging if you want to succeed in blogging you should always try to help your readers.

How To Make Money With Blogging

What you have to do in blogging is simply help others by writing on your blog.You can take this post as an example in this post you are my reader and i am helping you by letting you know these online jobs for teens.If you want to run a successful blog you should be regular in updating your blog.

If you are running a blog you can simply monetize your blog with PPC networks or sponsor advertisements we will discuses these later in this post below.

How to run a successful blog

Once i asked a question on ehow that question was how can i run a successful blog and how much article should i write every day ? you can see the answer below.

How to run a successful blogHow to earn money with vlogging

Video blogging is another awesome source of earning online. There are various ways to start vlogging carrier like Youtube , your own website or a videos blog it depends upon you which you like.

If you are going to start from YouTube then its really easy you just need a gmail account and create your channel for free after that you can start publishing your videos. you can earn by monetizing your videos with adsense ads or you can use affiliate links to sell products.

You can do the same thing on your blog or website too but for that you have to setup a blog or website for that. Now once you have a website either you can upload videos on your own server/hosting or you can embed your already uploaded videos on YouTube.

How to earn money with vlogging

Earn by Creating your own products

The best method to make money online is product creating. This is your own business i mean that your own product you can sell it in whatever way you want. All the profit which you are going to have from that product will be only yours. You are not gonna share a single dollar with someone. This is real business. In product creation you have to create a product of your own it could be ebook, or a Videos training courses, any product on amazon or ebay which you can ship to others or what ever.

Earn by Creating your own products

Product Creation ideas

Here are some ideas of few products that you can make and earn from them. i will also provide a good example of each.


ebook is a good product if you have some amazing knowledge in something. For example if you are a gym instructor your can create a ebook on how can you maintain your body fitness.You can sell that book from $9 to $47 it depends upon you where you are going to sell it and weather your audience will buy your product or not.

Product Creation ideas

WordPress or Blogger Theme

Theme are also a great source of earning if your are a web designer and developer you can develop a theme or template and sell them.normally a theme is sold for $57 less or more sometimes.You just have to work only once when you are creating that theme after that you can sell as many copies as you can.You can see a good example below and how much that theme has made.

Product Creation ideas
and now here you can see how many time this theme has been sold so you can calculate the total amount this theme has made.

Product Creation ideas

Software Selling

Not only while creating a software but every single product you create you need a good idea. A good idea is the key to success but only idea will not work you need a lot of research too on your idea.For example if you are creating a software first you have to see is there any other software available similar to yours. If yes then you have to make your software better than that one which is already available.

Let me give you example of few best software which are making a huge money

  • Internet download manager
  • FireFox
  • Chroom
  • Microsoft Office
  • Utorrent
  • Winrar
  • Avast and other antiviruses
  • etc 

Online Services

Now this is a good method for making money online. You can create a website that provide any service to people and they will pay you for that service.There are so many example for these products. Like Fiverr now as we have discussed above fiverr is a $5 market place where you can sell or buy any service for $5 but for each sale you made fiverr will get $1 now imagine how much fiverr is making from that.

Another good example is Mediafire. this website provides online storage for uploading you files online but you have to pay them for there service every month.Yes they have free package too but if you have to host more files you will have to buy a paid package for getting more storage.

Online Service Websites

How to earn money from affiliate marketing

In affiliate marketing you sell others products and get commission from them for each sale you made. How much commission you will get it depends upon the owner of product some give 30% some give 20% few will give you 50%. You can either sell others ebook or any amazon or ebay product but first you have to get a affiliate link from the owner of product if the person who bought the product will buy from your affiliate link you provided then you will get that commission.

You can get products from , Jvzoo or ebay , amazon here in there website owners provide affiliate links for there products you can get them easily.

Here for more information you can read a Affiliate marketing guide by my friend and Bloggingehow's owner Hassam Ahmad Awan.
How to earn money from affiliate marketing

Make money by Teaching online

You can earn online by teaching others what you know.For example you are expert in programming so you can teach other how to code and get paid for that. There are various platforms where you can teach others and get paid one of the best one is udemy.

Udemy is a website where you can create a course on any topic and sell that course for as much as you want.This platform help you to host your all course videos on there website and they will get some commission from each sale of your course. example of one is given below.

Make money by Teaching online

Make money by Teaching online
Make money by Teaching online

Earn by doing article writing jobs

If you are a writer you can earn by writing articles for others there are several article writing jobs available online.You can also create a gig on fiverr that i will write an article for $5 or you can join any website which pay for writing articles more ever if you are very good at writing article.Many big brands hair article writers and give $200 - $500 per article depending upon your expertise. So there is a great potential in article writing too.

article writing jobs

How to earn money by shorten url service

This one is the most easiest method from which you can make money online.There are few website which convert a long url into short. Good thing is you can earn from them have you ever opened a URL and you are redirected to a page saying wait 5 seconds and then click skip add. Well that is the way.

How to earn money by shorten url service

What you have to do is signup for and now whenever you will short a url and any body will open that URL you will get paid its very simple. You just simply have to short a url and then share it on your social media profiles or provide in on your website on download links.

How to earn money by shorten url service

How to earn from PPC Nteworks

PPC stands for pay per click these networks are mostly advertising networks like Google Adsense, Infolinks,

How to Earn With Google Adsense

Google Adsense is one of the most famous method for earning online. Adsense is a service which is introduced by google.In short you have to show google ads on your website or blogs and you will get paid for that you can read details about adsense over here in this adsense guide.

How to Earn With Google Adsense

How to Earn With is a service by Yahoo and bing.This service work same as adsense but have small difference it also pays a good amount of money if you have decent traffic on your website.It is a little defficult to get approved for as compare to adsense because it need a good amount of traffic from US and UK.If you don't have adsense it is a good Alternative.

You can check good alternatives to adsense over here.

How to Earn With

Earn Through Infolinks ( Click Here to Join Infolinks )

Infolinks is another great network to use for advertising on your blog. As there requirements are not that much for approval therefor it is very easy to get approval. If you have decent amount or traffic you can easily earn up to 500$ too.So i will suggest to join infolinks too because you can use it with others network too like adsense or media dot net.


So here it end and you can see there are several methods for teens to make money online one should have potential to do so.If you are welling to give time to any of the method above you will defiantly make this post i have covered many methods but there are hundred of others too if you have ever worked on any other do let me know in comments i will live you response.

11 September 2015

7 Reasons Why Infographics Are A Saviour For Your SEO Campaign

What Are Infographics?

Before considering how important of an asset Infographics are for SEO designing, it is essential to learn what they actually are. Infographics are visual representation of service model for the purpose of knowledge sharing. For conveying ideas to visitors, relevant and highlighted information is presented in a graphical manner where images are used along with text to grab their attention.

Infographics have been termed as an effective method to convey information quickly and more effectively as compared to lengthy descriptions.

What many people ignore is the fact that such Infographics can be utilized and made more effective by encouraging links. While planning an SEO strategy, consider following reasons why you should opt for Infographics:

1. Infographics Can Be Shared

Infographics are easy-to-understand and shareable. All you need to do is to make them attractiveand interesting for the target audience and simply wait till it gets viral on social media.The more people share your link, more will you get visitors on your page through links. The mostinfluencing factor while designing Infographics should be the visitors’ interest because if you fail to capture it, then they will not share it and the Infographics will serve no purpose for your business.

2. Easier To Track

Whether you have used embedded codes or not, it is very easy to track Infographics. You can get all relevant information from the analytics as they can help you find out the number of clicks and page views along with view time. You can also easily measure the volume of traffic that is generated through Infographics.

3. Infographics As News-jacking Tools

The Infographics are good for this purpose because they help editors with useful points when they are working on a new story. Infographics are more essentially an important tool for data analysis and release.

4. Infographics Do Not Necessarily Need To Be Expensive

If you are hesitating from hiring somebody for providing you with attractive Infographics for your page due to financial restrictions, don’t be anymore. With the popularity of Infographics, many freelance graphic designers agree to create Infographics at cheaper rates. All you need to do is to provide them with the researched content that you want to include in your page’s Infographics. Just like students rely on masters thesis writers for academic problems, you can rely on expert freelancing graphic designers for your Infographics and relax.

5. You Can Get Credit From The Journalists

Though you might be taking statistics from some other reliable source, if your Infographics get viral on internet, the journalists and audience will be quoting those statistics via your reference. You may gain popularity and exposure in masses indirectly through the information that you use in Infographics. So, be very particular about the kind of information you select to include in Infographics and be sure about their reliability as well.

6. Visual Format Makes Understanding Easy

A human brain is not able to register large numbers and data. Therefore, Infographics is a great way to convey statistics in an effective manner. If we talk in terms of psychology, visual aids have higher mnemonic and pedagogic value, so you can also use Infographics to explain complex ideas, big numbers, statistics and facts.

7. Infographics To Build Subscribers And Followers

You can use Infographics as your marketing tool. As soon as your Infographics go viral, it creates branding opportunities for your company. All you need to do is simply place your logo or company’s name on the image and provide a link to your page so that people may find a way to visit your page and become a follower.

Using Infographics can definitely add value to the SEO campaign of your company. So, wait no longer and get working on creating attractive and interesting Infographics for your webpage to maximize number of visitors and followers.

29 August 2015

6 Best Joomla Tutorials for Beginners

Joomla is a world famous Content Managing System(CMS) that is used by millions of people around the world. Joomla makes it possible for even amateurs to create amazing websites and other online applications. CMS also lets you keep a record of everything that you add to your website. If you are having a hard time learning how to use Joomla, take a look at the following 6 tutorials that can get you started.

1. Joomla! Documentation

If you want a complete beginner’s guide on how to use Joomla, you need not to look any further. This website starts from the basic questions like telling you about what exactly Joomla is, how to install it, and then goes on from there. The link also provides you with articles on how to begin and has a detailed description on how to make sure your website is safe and secure.

2. Joomla Tutorials

This website consists of animated tutorials for the help of beginners. The website also brags about how organized their website is and everything is available in their search feature. The best thing about this site is that all the tutorials are in a common video format so for lethargic readers, there’s still hope. It also arranges classes for students at a reasonable cost and the locations and timings are there on their page.

3. SiteGround

This website basically helps you create web hosting plans in order to make your website fast and safe. They also have a page especially dedicated to help the Joomla users. They start off with the introductory guidelines for beginners, and then focus on the present users and how they can upgrade to the latest software. You can be sure about learning from the video tutorials as they have been created by the founder of Joomla himself.

4. Udemy

Udemy doesn't exactly consist of tutorials; here they offer an online course and step by step instructions on how to create Joomla websites without ever needing to develop a code. They have 45 lectures and a 4 hour video for teaching amateurs and even the professionals. They also have a money back guarantee in case you arenot satisfied with the course.

5. Build A Joomla Website

The name states the obvious. This site requires no registrations and offers free high quality videos which are nearly impossible to find anywhere else. All the videos are numbered with respect to increasing difficulty, and they also offer a free workbook for the convenience of the learners. You can also follow them on Twitter or Facebook where they upload more tips and tricks for you to learn from.
6. Joomla Direct
The author of Joomla Direct has simplified the learning process by dividing it in to 4 steps. He has also pointed out that to make a good website you will need 4 pieces called articles, menu, modules and templates. The instructions come with clear pictures so that you can follow them through without any confusion. The writer even welcomes comments and suggestions if you have any questions or wish to clear any confusion regarding the material.

Each one of these tutorials is easy to understand for the first-timers. It is better to learn a little from such tutorials and then apply it on a website than to make mistakes and increase the work load. So, if you want to show off to your friends or use your website for professional work, then Joomla is freely available for anyone who wishes to create brilliantly professional website. In a month or so, I’ve also planned to transfer my website, Coursework Geek, to Joomla.

7 August 2015

How To Make Money in Pakistan

There are many way for Earning money online but almost all are different and it depends upon in which country you are in I am talking about offline businesses.You can start almost any business offline if you have money to just need small investment and research and boom your are good to go.But no body knows your will get success or not.Now come to the point I just want to let you know the importance of online earning.

For online earning it doesn't matter from which country you belongs.You can start earning online from any where in the world you just need internet.Now let me go towards my topic how to make money in Pakistan.As i said country doesn't matter to you can apply these methods in any part of world.

How To Make Money in Pakistan

How To Make Money in Pakistan

Now below i am going to show you few ways through which you can earn money in Pakistan.All methods are working and i am also using them and earning.That is why i am going to tell you those methods i have used them my self.

Earn money through Blogging

In my every post where ever i have mentioned way to earn money online there i have mentioned blogging also.Why because it really works. Blogging doesn't need any certificate for example if you want to start any blog you don't need permission from some one. Just buy domain and hosting and start your own blog.This is why blogging is so much awesome.
What every you know you can blog on that topic. If you are a teacher you can start a blog and provide tips on how to improve you class etc.There are hundred of topics on which you can blog.

I think blogging is a best way to make money online in Pakistan. Yes of course there are many more methods but the one i like the most is Blogging.

Which Niche to Chose

I will say only one think always chose that niche in which you have interest or you are good at. Because if you know something it will be very easy for you to get use to it and teach others. You will always have ideas on what to write next. If you will start a brand new topic on which you have zero knowledge than first you will have to learn those things yourself after that you will be able to teach it to others so always choose that niche in which you are good or you have interest.

So conclusion at the end if you have any type on knowledge come online and teach it to others don't wast it.Start your blog today and bring change in your life.

27 July 2015

How To Make Money in College Or School

If you are a student then you must be thinking to increase your pocket money.Here in this article i have few ways through which your can make money while studying.Most of students don't have enough pocket money for their enjoyment so best way is to earn your self.

How to make money in college or School:

Well you are a student and you want money. now there are two ways through you can get money one by working which is difficult for students.You can't go to workshop and work there it is very hard.Second source is your parents but all parents are not the same so what to do now.Simple there is a way and that is by working online.
Now working online also requires skill but there are few way which you can use and those are not much difficult.Below i will tell your the best one which suites students and i love that work too.i will tell you can you do it while studying.


Yes you have read it correctly its blogging. I know you will say its very difficult and requires a lot of skill for writing article and all that stuff but let me explain.You are a student right now what can you have to so is very simple.You don't have to find a lot of niches etc simple you can write articles on your subjects you study.


If you are studying Chemistry, Physic and Biology and you can use them as your blog topics.If you had a lecture in your class about atom so now what you have to do is simply write a blog post in your own words explaining you today lecture.

So you can write at lease three articles daily on these three topics. You can apply this to any subject you are studying but make sure you have written every thing in your own wordings.Blogging is actually very simple people make it difficult.These were small tips from me for students hope you all have liked.Share it with your friends and so that they can also get benefits. 

9 July 2015

3 Best Blogging Platforms For SEO That You Can Use

Many people want to know about best blogging platforms so that they can start there blog on best one.Blogging is one of the most growing thing over internet and if you have noticed in last 2-3 years ratio of blogs has increased.Everyone is making its own blog and sharing his ideas.But when it comes to blogging you must have to choose that platform on which you can trust.This is what you are going to find in this article.

Best Blogging Platforms


best blogging platforms

WordPress is one of the most wildly used blogging platform. 24% of internet use WordPress. WordPress offers two services one of them in and other is provides a script which can be installed on any server and you can use freely with 0% restrictions.While is a network which allows you to create free blogs.The hosting of that free blog is provided by WordPress. You can also add a custom domain to your blog.

WordPress has large amount of functionalists.It is very easy to use fully user friendly that is why so many people are using it.You don't need skills to use WordPress.You can set up your blog with in 5 minutes.You can customize your WP blog according to your need.

Blogger or BlogSpot

best blogging platforms

Another one of the most famous Blogging Platform is Blogger (BlogSpot). Every blog in Blogger ends up with .blogspot and you can add your own custom domain too. It was introduced in 2003 and Blogger is Google's own product.You can setup a blog on Blogspot with in 2 minutes its interface is very easy to use.You just need a G mail account to make a blog.

You can start you blog with zero coding knowledge and its totally free most of people start from blogger.You can apply for adsense within your blogger dashboard.Blogger is also very popular like WordPress.But you can't sell blogspot blogs on web because they are not your property.


best blogging platforms

Tumblr is a micro blogging platform which have  almost 220 million blogs.It was first owned by David Karp and then he sold it to yahoo for $1.1 Billion. It takes almost a minute to setup a tumblr blog.Its for those who don't want to mess up with blogging thing because it a fusion between twitter and blog.Tumblr is mostly used by young generation.

Tumblr is not good for long article if you want to write short blog post then tumblr is best for you or if you have to target young generation feel free to start with tubmlr. As tumblr is owned by yahoo so it may offer ads facilities for earning in future.

5 July 2015

How To Design a Blog

Design of you blog plays a very important role. Even Google loves to rank those blogs which have good design is part of SEO now.Why blog design is important ? how to design a blog ? and which is best blog design ?. This is all which are we going to discus here.

How To Design a Blog

Why Blog Design is Important ?

If you look at last few year reports you will find Google loves to rank good looking blogs.I will say forget good think about it what if you visit a site full of junk will you stay on it ?definitely no so you should design your blog for your readers its more important.If you don't have a good design no body will stay on your blog.It means all you effort in useless.

This is why i am saying blog design is important.if your are going to start a blog or if you already have first pick a good designed template. After that you can move to other stuff link content creation and SEO etc.

Which is best blog design ?

There are million of blog and most of then have different designs but something is common in all of then and that is there blog style/layout. So there are few things which must be in your blog.

  • Main Heading Bar
  • Side Bar
  • Footer Bar 

These three things are really important.You must have to add these three in your blog.

Main heading Bar will be like this you have to add your main topics and subtopics in it.this will help your readers to navigate to your blog easily.they will be able to select easily what they want.

best blog design

Net thing is your sidebar where you can put your popular posts any advertisement or something on which you want others can see the below example of sidebar.

How To Design a Blog

Third and the last important part of blog is footer.In footer section you can put Gadgets like Google+ Box , Facebook like box , labels etc.

How to Design a Blog

Because of blogging platforms like Blogger and WordPress blog designing has become very easy.Now you don't have to learn whole web development and designing stuff for customizing a blog.You just need basic knowledge about HTML and CSS and it will do the job.If you don't know these you can still customize your blog knowing them will be really helpful.
Start a Blog Today

Designing a Blogger Blog 

You can setup for blogger blog very easily.If you login to your dashboard you will see layout and template options there.these two option are used in can setup you blog main menu from template coding. You can check this article if you want to learn how can you setup you menu options in blogger.

Now for setting sidebar and footer you can use Layout option click on layout and you will see something similar to this.

best blog design

Here you can see sidebar and footer you can add gadgets on both simply by clicking add a gadget.

Designing a WordPress Blog 

Designing a WordPress blog is much more easier than blogger.You can see the below videos to learn how can you design a WordPress blog.

Click Here To See Video Part I
Click Here To See Video Part II
Click Here To See Video Part III

Final Conclusion

Design is very important thing if you are blogger you must know how to design your blog so that you can make it look good.So always try to learn things out of the box.You can do blogging without know these stuffs but if you will learn it will surly benefits you.Don't forget to share this article with your friend.

25 April 2015

Reliable Online Earning Sources To Make Money Online

Hello everyone today i have come up with a very interesting topic Online Earning and here in this article i am going to show you few best and most reliable online earning sources.I think till now you have read hundred of ways to make money online but today in this article you are going to get the most reliable online earning think which you should always keep in mind Online Earning is not cup of tea you really have to work hard for earning money online.There are many people out there making thousands of dollars and i know those people also which haven't earned a penny yet and they are working for a long time. So it depend upon how much hard you work to earn money online.

online earning sources

Reliable Online Earning Sources

I know that you are already familiar with many methods to earn online and i also know this that the methods which i will tell you are also known to you but the difference is here i will discuss all those ways in detail and real method what you have to do for having success in those ways to earning online.So i think its time to move on to those ways.

I will be telling you in details about how to earn money with blogging, how to earn through Facebook, how to make money with twitter, how to earn through product creation, How can Email List help you in making money online and last but not the least how you can make money from affiliate marketing.

Every one is searching how to get money fast but there is no such a fast way to make money online you must have to work hard and it will take time but if you are really passionate about earning money online then all of the give earning sources are for you.

How to make money with Blogging

The first method which i will discuss is Blogging as i am also doing this so i am going to discuses is first. I think Blogging is one of the easiest way to earn money online but if you want money you don't have to blog for money you must have to blog for helping other. The more quality content you produce the more chances are there for you what you have to do in blogging is very very simple.

First you have to select a Topic on which you will blog i will suggest you to select a topic in which you have knowledge or interest.After selecting your topic you have to create a blog there are many platform which you can select but i will say you should go for WordPress or Blogger both are good and its very simple to signup for them and as i use blogger so i have written full method on how to make a blog.Now when you have created a successful blog now its time for posting articles.Now you have to publish article on daily basis blog every day if you want to be successful.

Now after 2 to 3 months when you blog have descent amount of traffic its time to make money. There are several methods which you can use for earning through a blog i will discuses few here. The first method i want to tell is through advertisement on your website and Google Adsense is one of the best way. If you want to know what is adsense you can read this post which i have written on what is Google Adsense and how does it work. Now adsense is a product which is introduced by Google through which any one can earn by showing advertisement and the really pay well for it.An other challenge for most of webmasters is that adsense doesn't approve their site. Well for them i have a awesome article how i approved my adsense account here are some Brilliant tips to get adsense account approved. once you have an approved account you can show advertisement on you site by placing a java script code which they provide.where you will place you code ads will show there and you will be able to earn.If somehow you don't like adsense then you can use any other advertisement company here are Top 10 Adsense Alternatives.

The good thing is You can make money through other ways too like affiliate marketing which i will be discussing  below.You can apply this method on your blog also.

How To Make Money With Facebook 

All of us know about Facebook and we use it every day for our enjoyment but can you images you can earn from it. Yes definitely you can earn from it and most of people are on Facebook for there Marketing purposes.Few most used and best way for earning through Facebook are as follow.

You can Use Facebook Ads for your business.You just have to simple go to create you ads and select how much you want to invest.These ads could help you in growing you business you can sell your products through these ads you could get traffic to your website etc.Another way people use is by using Facebook pages for example you have a big pages with million of likes well those are not only likes that is you traffic. You can bring that traffic to your website or sell your own products to them or you could do affiliate marketing. I will discuses about affiliate marketing later.

How to Earn Through Twitter

Now Twitter is another big and awesome social media on internet having a lot users so you can also earn through twitter on the same way as on Facebook if you have a big profile you can use that profile for affiliate marketing, getting traffic to you website or for selling you products.You can also use twitter advertisement similar as Facebook you can generate traffic to website or selling something.

How to Make Money Through Product Creating (The Best Way to Make Money)

Now Product Creating is the Best method for generating money online and this is the only way on which you can relay for lifetime.Now i know you want to know what is product creating and how can you build a product etc. So simply Your Product could be any think you can make a product according to your interest.For example An E book could be your product you can make a video course in any topic this is also your product. If you are a programmer you can create a software and sell it to other this will be your product.You can Develop a theme and you can sell it so you can see now your product could be any thing.Product creating is very easy thing you just have to do a bit research for creating a product. Good news is if you don't know any think you can still create a product.

If you are null and you don't know any thing you will be thinking how can i make a product so here is the answer what you have to do is research and find which product would be best for you its all about having a idea now if you have a good idea you can hire any freelancer which can create you idea pay him for his work and then sell that product. Always try to work on a product on which you have to work once and then you can sell its copies to others like e books, video courses etc.

Once you are done with your product creating now where you should sell it now. There are various ways and places where you can sell your product. You can sell that product to your blog visitors by adding a banner on side bar of you blog. You can sell it on Facebook, Twitter by using there ads and try to show you ads to targeted people so that you can make more sales. You can also sell it to your followers on twitter and Facebook pages.Now If you have a List you can sell you product there easily its the easiest way by simply mailing them i will discuses about it below.You can also provide an affiliate link of your product to others by giving the profit on every sale they made.There are also many market places like warrior plus and JV-Zoo where you can sell you product.

How You can earn from Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another good way for earning online and the best think about affiliate marketing is you don't have to work or create your own product. What actually happens is you take an affiliated link from some one who have a product and offering an affiliate link. Now when you will share that link to others any one who will but that produce through that link you have shred the owner will come to know that this sale is made from you link and you will get commission of that sale. How much commission you will get it depends upon the owner of product either it could be 50%, 35% or what ever he is giving.You can Make sales by using Facebook,Twitter ads or sharing it to your followers,email list and you can post an article about its review on your blog and share the affiliated link below the article on buy now button etc.

How can Email List Building can help you in making money online

At the end the last way i want to discuses is how to build an email list for making money online.Email list could be build by various ways but first you should know how it can help you. Well Your email list is you traffic when ever you send an email to you list all of those people visit you links or read what ever you have provided you can say email list is your saved traffic which you can use at any time. So how you can build an email list. You can create a product and sell it to others when any one will buy you will get his email address and another good way is to give away any good e book for free and add a email box on you page saying enter you email address to get this e book for free.Now when any one will enter his email address you will send him the book and in place of that e book you will get his email address.So building an email list can really help you.

Wow i think that is enough and it really take a lot of time to complete this post well i have mentioned few best ways in this post to make money online. If you have other please do let me know in comment section and do comment below about you review on this article it will make me happy and if you have any question feel free to ask in comments section.

4 April 2015

How To Check Your Domain Performance

How To Check Your Domain Performance

I you have a domain or you want to buy a domain from any friend then how you would be able to check that weather it is safe to buy or not or weather it was involved in  any malicious activity before.Well you don't have to worry about that because in this article I will tell you how to do this all work and How to Check your domain performance.

Search you Domain's Name

To check that weather your domain is appearing on Google from you domain search or to see if someone else is saying something about you domain on any other website search your domain name on Google Example Free Top Tools or azhblog in my case because this search will show us all the places where these names are being used.

Website Search

Now you have to search your website in Google with the help of a dork.Well dorks are the keywords
which help us to find some fix things in Google so we will use and this will show you all the pages of your website on Google .Now if you are able to see all the posts of your website with latest post of your website then it is Good sign and if not then its bad.

Check Your Website Through Archive

Now if you go to a website known as there will see a option to put your website put your
website domain over there and press enter and you will be able to see the previous look
of your website if that was being used by someone else before

Checking Website Through Webmaster Tools

Now if you are buying domain from your friend or someone else say him to provide you webmaster tools analysis now from there you can check the details about that domain that weather if that was working god or he is selling because of a result of spamming and if you have already have bought that domain then you could  do a reconsideration request to Google

If you have any problem regarding this article feel free to comment below

5 Reasons Why People Fail In Blogging

5 Reasons Why New People Fail In Blogging

Now a day earning online is not a big deal people are earning online from various ways one the way is blogging everyone want there blog on top and they want progress in nights but as they are new in this so they don't know what to do and where to go they work on there blog and after 1 or 2 weeks and at the end they left blogging that grasp are sour so here are some reasons which I am going to provide you that will help new people in blogging

Not Enough knowledge

Most of people just get into blogging without knowing any thing about there blog topics.Well actually blogging is all about learning and sharing your knowledge and if you don't have knowledge about the thing you are sharing how can you grow well is will suggest you to go for your interest its doesn't care what topic is that just go for it and never give up you well see on day you will be on tops

Lack of Time 

Lack of time is one of the most dangerous factor faced by new people in blogging well actually not only those who are new in blogging are hunted by lack of time professionals are even hunted too so I will suggest you to make a schedule and work according to time a table so that you can get your sleep and other daily life activities too.

No Writing Skills

As  every one says content is king if you have huge amount of knowledge but you can't explain it well the that knowledge is useless for you blog if you have posting 10-15 articles every week but you haven't explain it better then all you work is going in vain.It takes a lot of time to get this skill even years I will suggest you to read articles from some popular blogs so that you could get an idea about
how to write good articles.

Lack of Consistency

An other big factor of failer is lack of consistency because the way you are writing is lost.There is a continuity through  which you are working a providing knowledge if that consistency is lost then your way of explaining will be changed through which you explain people and this will effect quality of content

Quick Results

Almost Every one who is new in blogging want quick results and want to make money in very very short time because you know almost everyone start blogging to make money and same is the case with me too but you know it very well it will take time so you have to be patient in this case you will earn but it needs time and hard working

3 April 2015

How To Rank Without Backlinks

Can a website rank without backlinks

Well if we think about backlinks the question arises in our mind that what are backlinks, how are they helpful and weather my website can be ranked without backlinks? So how to rank without backlinks Most of people think that we can not rank a website without backlinks but unfortunately this is not true.You can rank without website but yes backlinks really help in increasing rank but believe me when your website rank will start to increase backlinks will be formed automatically.

Well backlinks are useful but they are dangerous too for your website if you have done well for making a backlink then that backlink will help you but if you haven't then they can be declared as spam too .if you will have a look towards ranked website you will come to know that those websites have backlinks but there will be also many website which have less amount of backlinks. Backlinks are not only the thinks which are used to rank website those are just a one thing but for ranking a website you should have good content and better keywords we can say that content quality is the main thinks which helps to rank a website so it means you if you want to rank a website you must have Good quality content

Backlinks are only one factor to rank a website good content will  also help you in getting visitors if you are providing good any quality content which is liked by Visitors then they will definitely check more stuff on your website.One more thing that you will get by providing quality content is nature and organic backlinks suppose some one have really liked your article and he have shared it on his Website/Blog then you will get a natural backlink that is why I mentioned above you will get backlinks automatically by publishing Good content.

Social Shares AKA Social SEO

Now a days social SEO has grown and most of people are now ranking through social SEO. So always try to get more and more social signals if you want to rank well in Google the more social signal you have better there are chances to rank in Google. One of my Friend Who is very Good in SEO have just written a eBook on how to rank without backlinks and you know what he says social signals are key to success if you want to rank well in Google and defiantly quality content too.So here you can download WhiteRank - Rank Website Easily for his original website. Do comment below about feedback of this book i know you will love it.

1 April 2015

How To Remove Footer Credits From Blogger Premium Templates

Many of Websites over internet provides free templates for blogger users but most all of them have the same problem.many of you didn't like that and that problem is the coder of template have put his name and website in footer and you just want to remove that in such a way that it do not effect the template now if you will try to remove those links then you will be redirected to any other website or something bad will happen to your template now in this article i will teach you how to remove those safely without effecting your template Follow the simple steps given below and you will be done with that because it is very easy and simple.

Remove Credits From Blogger Premium Templates

* Log in to your blogger account
* Select the blog and open it
* Now click on template and then click edit template
* Now Go to footer Coding of that template

Now on the footer you will be able to see those names and links of websites who have provided you template
just remove  them and if you want to add yours add those

* Now save the the template

This way works on many of templates but  for most of them this will not work because the codes has added a script or any other sort of line to make the template redirect to any other web page if we will change the credits now what we have to do is just remove that script or meta tag which coder has added in the template code.

Now Log in to your blogger account and go to template and then edit template there search for the following code

                     <script src=’//’/>

Now remove this script from your template and save the template this way will work for few templates but if you will not be able to find this code try this  on and save the template and you are done

                 <script src='//'/>

31 March 2015

How To Share Posts on Google Plus Automatically

Google Plus is one of the most important factor in getting traffic if you have a huge number of friends and followers you can easily get a good amount of traffic on your website you are sharing your content on any social media it means your content is getting famous and you are getting traffic so Google plus is the most easy thing to use any in this post i am going to tell you the way how can you share you post on Google Plus Automatically without doing any sort of work.Now Google has add a new option to blogger that you can share you every post atomically to your Google plus profile by adding your profile.Now what you have to do is just simply select your profile or Google plus page where you want to share your post and you are done with all.just follow the steps which i have given below and you will be done.

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Share Posts on Google Plus Automatically


Step 1 

             Log in to your blogger account 

Step 2

            Click on Google + written on side bar options and a new page will open there you will be able to see all you Google Plus pages and Profiles 

Step 3

          Now select the profile or page on which you want to share the posts automatically

Now the Page or profile you have selected to share you posts will be in use now for you each and every post you update on your blog next and after publishing the post you can easily see your post on page or profile you are using

One more thing about Google plus you can use Google plus comments on your blog instead of the comment option you are using before in Google Plus comment you will also see your image on that comment which you are using on your Profile.
Hope this tutorial will help you if you have any problem regarding to this tutorial just simply comment below your problem.

30 March 2015

Why Your Offline Business Should have a Website

Why Your Offline Business Should have a Website / Blog 

If you have ever visited any Hotel, Restaurant or any other place owned by someone.Now at least once search that place on Google and you will come find Website or Blog of that place having all the information about that place.Well this thing is called online marketing suppose you are running a offline business why don't you put it online too it will give you more benefit let me explain it to you now consider you are running a hotel and you provide rooms on rent with some certain cost per day and night now as someone want to stay in your hotel and he have neither visited you hotel before that person will have two option first one is that he will come to your hotel and grab whole information from you about your hotel and then he will thought that he might stay in your hotel or not and second is that he would call you and get the whole information and then he will think weather to stay or not.Now why don't you gave him third option which is the most easy one and comfortable.Yes you get it that is by building a Website now you are thinking how my website will help well it is petty simple.

Now what you have to do is place your whole information about your hotel on your hotel so that people could get it easily with beautiful pictures of your hotel so that they would not have to come so far and you can also add a option of online registration for more comfort.Now the benefit you will get is if any one want to register a room  in your hotel can get you online easily without any difficulty

Always remember

* 77% of internet users spend there time on Blogs / Website
* Out of 100% time 23% time is spent over blogs / Websites by internet users
* from US , UK 66% of users buy online products

Now you  can Imagine the importance of a Blog / Website for a offline business if you have any question feel free to post in below comments section

26 March 2015

How to write a blog post step by step method

Writing a blog post is a great skill now days if you don’t know how to write a blog post your blogging is useless because you are not getting good amount of visitors and you are not ranked well in search engines because you have not wrote a good post. Many people over the internet don’t even know how to write a blog post but no worries if you are one of them because in this article I am going to tell you a proper way of writing a blog post before we start you should remember one thing that it takes time to rank in Google so you have to wait for some time to get your results.

Understand your audience

If you want to learn how to write a blog post the first step is that you must know your audience. If you don’t know your audience you cannot make them happy first you have to figure out what your audience need for example if almost all of your audience know much about business so you would now be telling them how to start a business because they already know that you should give them tips of increase you business ranking etc. So first research and know what you audience need.

Select a topic

The secret for writing a blog post is topic selection before you start any blog first you have to do a lot research. Select a specific topic and research on it always select that topic about which people search and you are should be familiar with that topic.

Write Attractive heading

Now if you have selected your topic you have to write. Now first and the most important thing is to add an attractive heading to it so that people could attract towards your post as old people say first impression is the last impression so you should give an awesome first impression.


Now it’s time to write main content of post always remember content is king so always provide quality content and try to write long posts because if you will search anything in Google you will mostly fine long posts which are ranked you post should be minimum 500 words. Provide all the details you know about that post any try to teach others easy way so that they could admire you as a good teacher.

Fix your formatting

Now you have got a lot of knowledge about how to write a blog post so it’s almost end after completing the whole post make what you have to do is bold some important lines use headings before starting a paragraph and us h1 and h2 tags to do so.


Use different keywords in your post which you want to rank and repeat those keywords several times in you post like in this your my keyword is how to write a blog post so I will repeat it few times in my post so you could do the same but always remember do not repeat it a lot be in limits otherwise Google will think its spamming .

Last words

Now after reading this post you have come to know how to write a blog post but reading is not enough so be practical and use these instruction on you blog. If you like our article kindly shares it with you friends and so that they could also use it for their benefit.

8 November 2014

Top 5 Free Blogger Templates 2016

Here are few awesome and free blogger templates i hope you will definitely like them because all of them are unique and wonderful in there functionality All of these templates are free to download and they are not developed my me so credits to their real coders

Free Blogger Templates

#1 Blog Tube

Blog tube is an awesome free blogger template it is very useful for those which want to create a videos blog and want to provide video tutorials.


#2 DamnLOL

This is also one of the best blogger template for those people who want to make funny pictures website or want to provide funny memes.


#3 Geeks Gadget

This is a very simple designed blogger template this template is similar to WordPress template in its look


#4 iNews

iNews is a great template for news blogs and it is also responsive template to place adsense adds on it. This template also contains a news bar which update visitors about new posts.


#5 Metro-UI

Its a SEO optimized and beautiful template for blogger blogs its very nice looking free blogger template


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