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2 December 2015

7 Must Have Tools for Digital Marketing Enthusiasts to Produce Better Results

As digital marketers, we need to be updated all the time to stay ahead in the competition. And we should have latest digital marketing tools as Our industry is growing drastically and creating lot of opportunities for newbies and quick learners to become millionaires in a short span of time. But, it’s not possible unless you know the best use of appropriate tools to gather sufficient data and convert it into a useful form.

digital marketing tools

Many digital marketing evangelists and analysts say that the world of internet marketing depends on data.The more data you have, the more chances you will have to entertain your client in the best way.There are hundreds of tools available on internet to track data, behavior, demography, regions and everything you need to know about the audience,but choosing the most trusted tools can only transform you into a Digital Marketing Expert.

Let’s have a look at some of the most amazing and absolutely proven tools that you need as a digital marketer.

1: Google Analytics

As mentioned above, internet marketing is all about gathering data, interpreting it into a useful form and using it to produce better results. Therefore, it’s not possible for you to stay ahead in the world of marketing without the use of Google Analytics. It’s not a tool but a hub that let you track a website’s traffic and its sources. It showcases the impact of your keywords and it allows you to create weekly, monthly and yearly reports to analyze the overall performance. In short, it’s a must have tool for all internet marketers who want to learn and grow rapidly.

2: Google Webmaster Tools

Do you know which of your website’s page is getting indexed? Do you know how many errors your site  comes across in a day? Do you know which of your keywords are performing incredibly well? You can get answers to all your questions with the help of Google Webmasters Tools.

3: Hoot suite

The more you promote content, the better traffic it brings. Hoot suite is the best tool to manage all your social media handles such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and many more at the same time. Create your Hoot suite account right now for the promotion, management and tracking of your social channels.

4: Feedly

Read more, know more. This is what Feedly says and if you want to read and produce useful content for your audience, it’s a highly recommended tool. Do you know majority of the custom essay online service providers also utilize Feedly effectively to produce well-researched essays? It not only assists writersto read trendy articles related to a specific niche, it also provides a splendid chance to follow the industry’s influences and trend setters.


People respond more to visual content whether you are publishing it on social platforms or on your website’s blog because it looks extremely appealing, catchy and easy to grasp. is the perfect tool in this regard because it allows you to create beautiful infographics, videos and eBooks to convey your message more effectively.

6: Pingdom

Your website’s up time matters because if the visitor is unable to open your site’s landing page or thepage is taking considerable time, chances are that same visitor might not even come again to your site. Especially, when managing an e-commerce store, you need to be very careful and Pingdom is just a perfect solution to monitor such errors.

7: MailChimp

Email marketing is one of the most effective channels in the world of digital marketing. It plays a key role when converting visitors into potential leads. There are several other tools available for this purpose, but MailChimpis a tool which is simply incredible. It’s easy to send right message to the right person at the right time by MailChimp.
If you have other tools which are helpful let me know in comments below and don't forget to share you views if you have used any of the above tools.How was your experience ?

About Author:

Christina Matthew is a marketing executive at Groovy Essays and specializes in generating leads through tried and tested marketing strategies. When not strategizing marketing plans, she writes informational blogs on the topics of her liking.

19 November 2015

5 Skills That Make Your Life Easy As A Digital Marketer

For many might boggle their heads over the nuances of the recent web paradigms, a digital marketer is always expected to understand each one and work accordingly. It’s appropriate to quite an extent when we compare digital marketing consultation with KPIs, performance metrics and goals, but implementation of the right strategy is what that makes or breaks the deal.


In a world where e-commerce is growing like anything, there sure has been a dire need for brands to work on their marketing strategies on different online platforms and gauge the user activity that follows.Being a responsible digital marketer, definitely you too have been brainstorming over the same.However, here is a set of 5 such skills which will make the whole process easier for you. Drop sufficient glances and start working on these to make your life as a digital marketer easy.

1: Data Analytics Skills

Wherever you go, the term ‘big data’ is tossed in the field of digital marketing, much like confetti in Russian weddings. However, the hack lies in figuring out what you do with the data, analysis of the same being an indispensable necessity. Your boss would anyway expect from you to analyze web behavior and have the basic know-how of various device engagement techniques.

Growing traffic and generating leads are other things that follow in the same trend. Make sure you have tried your hand at these a sufficient number of times.

2: The Know-How of Writing and Copywriting

This is one of those skills that prove immensely useful while searching for digital marketing jobs as well. Clear communication is one of the most essential things for you being able to explain your ideas and strategies to designers, developers and other co-workers.In addition to this, the prowess to write is also significant, keeping in mind the blog posts and website content development you have to deal with.

Building on similar lines, copywriting skills stand imperative too, considering the fact that as a digital marketer you’ll be expected to analyze the website content and get people to take actions you want them to take. In short, being persuasive.

3: Being a Social Media Freak

When half the companies are running their marketing campaigns on websites like Facebook,Twitter and LinkedIn, it is more of a need for you to know how your audience interacts and behaves on these channels.There needs to be a plan and a definite time-bound strategy on Google+, Slideshare and Pinterest as well. All in all, you need to stay on the cutting edge of these platforms to set the trend and not follow it.

4: SEO

Search engine optimization has been creating all the buzz across the globe, be it any e-commerce website or one that provides online services. Be it content marketing, guest blogging, link building, managing on-page (site auditing) as well as off-page activates, there are an awful load of things you need to be in cognizance with. If need be, get in touch with an SEO professional and start working on the skills. For it’s that one skill that paves the way for optimum work productivity in the field of digital marketing.


Although, digital marketers aren’t expected to know HTML to an extent that they can start coding an entire website, HTML always helps to format blog posts and fix issues pertaining to formatting in an email you’re about to shoot out.Moreover, things like dealing with color of the link, resizing a video or a photo and spotting out bugs on various webpages of the company also stand solved, once you are good with HTML coding.

Skills are numerous to list, but having played a hand at these would any day help in your digital marketing job.With a calm mind, start polishing what you have and inculcating what you wish to grow, this field has immense in store for you. 

About Author:

Anshuman Kukreti is a professional writer and a keen follower of the global job
 market. An engineer by qualification and an artist at heart, he writes on various
 topics related to digital media and marketing happening across the globe.

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13 October 2015

How to Keep Readers on Your Blog Longer

Writing and publishing a blog post is just the necessary first step. Definitely, you want your target market to visit your site and read the posts. Your ultimate goal, however, should be keeping your readers on your site longer. Dwell time, as experts call it, is the direct opposite of bounce rate. If you have 1,000 readers and 800 of them stay on your site in less than 3 seconds then, that's a very high bounce rate. Here's how you can maximize their dwell time.

How to Keep Readers on Your Blog Longer

1) Ask questions

Perhaps, you have seen a list article saying, “What am I missing in this list? Please share on the comment section below.” Amplifying reader engagement is as simple as asking a topic-relevant question. Another benefit of this technique is increasing the number of comments. Thus, you engage your readers in responding to your question and you get to engage them by commenting or replying to each others' comments. That's aside from your own comments and replies. 

2) Display related posts

Readers seek for all the information they can get for any given topic. Consider yourself lucky if  you've tackled most of the sub-topics on the subject on hand. You only have to display the related posts at the end of the post. There are several widgets that can do this. The widget can show up to ten posts as long as it deemed the post as related. In this way, the reader may explore the topic more in-depth and while on your site.

3) Include post navigation

Again, you might have seen this one before since this is a very popular technique. Readers are given the choice to read the previous post or the next post. You may find these links at the top or bottom of the post. The best performing links include the title of the previous or next post. Through this, there is no need for your readers to click the category and browse the topics once more. They'll just keep on reading the posts and skip those posts they are not really interested reading. Nonetheless, if you are going to include post navigation's, there is no need to display the related posts. You'll only confuse your readers. It is either related posts or post navigation's. 

4) Link back

Whether it is a very old post or a post you publish three months ago, link back to it. It may or may not be related to the post that they are reading. However, make sure that you are using the right anchor texts so your readers would know what to expect. The use of descriptive anchor texts cannot be stressed enough in keeping the momentum. There is no hard rule on how many links to include, but you may rake in up to three links just to be safe. 

5) Talk to them

Engaging conversations are the key here. Write the post conversationally by using the word “you” when referring to them. Pour your fun personality in the post so you will sound more relatable to your readers. Readers are looking for information, but this doesn't mean presenting the information in a boring way. No one would appreciate that for sure. Just keep everything light.

Increasing the time on-site is surely a challenge. However, there are many ways to address such. The main elements, nevertheless, are the information, the way you present them and the way your readers may want to engage with the information presented. Following the techniques outlined above will surely keep your readers reading. If you wish to add more techniques that work for your blog, please don't hesitate to share on the comment section below.

About Author:

Tristan Jasper is a marketer, entrepreneur and a freelance blogger. He's currently working as a digital marketer at one of the top internet marketing agency in the Philippines.

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11 September 2015

7 Reasons Why Infographics Are A Saviour For Your SEO Campaign

What Are Infographics?

Before considering how important of an asset Infographics are for SEO designing, it is essential to learn what they actually are. Infographics are visual representation of service model for the purpose of knowledge sharing. For conveying ideas to visitors, relevant and highlighted information is presented in a graphical manner where images are used along with text to grab their attention.

Infographics have been termed as an effective method to convey information quickly and more effectively as compared to lengthy descriptions.

What many people ignore is the fact that such Infographics can be utilized and made more effective by encouraging links. While planning an SEO strategy, consider following reasons why you should opt for Infographics:

1. Infographics Can Be Shared

Infographics are easy-to-understand and shareable. All you need to do is to make them attractiveand interesting for the target audience and simply wait till it gets viral on social media.The more people share your link, more will you get visitors on your page through links. The mostinfluencing factor while designing Infographics should be the visitors’ interest because if you fail to capture it, then they will not share it and the Infographics will serve no purpose for your business.

2. Easier To Track

Whether you have used embedded codes or not, it is very easy to track Infographics. You can get all relevant information from the analytics as they can help you find out the number of clicks and page views along with view time. You can also easily measure the volume of traffic that is generated through Infographics.

3. Infographics As News-jacking Tools

The Infographics are good for this purpose because they help editors with useful points when they are working on a new story. Infographics are more essentially an important tool for data analysis and release.

4. Infographics Do Not Necessarily Need To Be Expensive

If you are hesitating from hiring somebody for providing you with attractive Infographics for your page due to financial restrictions, don’t be anymore. With the popularity of Infographics, many freelance graphic designers agree to create Infographics at cheaper rates. All you need to do is to provide them with the researched content that you want to include in your page’s Infographics. Just like students rely on masters thesis writers for academic problems, you can rely on expert freelancing graphic designers for your Infographics and relax.

5. You Can Get Credit From The Journalists

Though you might be taking statistics from some other reliable source, if your Infographics get viral on internet, the journalists and audience will be quoting those statistics via your reference. You may gain popularity and exposure in masses indirectly through the information that you use in Infographics. So, be very particular about the kind of information you select to include in Infographics and be sure about their reliability as well.

6. Visual Format Makes Understanding Easy

A human brain is not able to register large numbers and data. Therefore, Infographics is a great way to convey statistics in an effective manner. If we talk in terms of psychology, visual aids have higher mnemonic and pedagogic value, so you can also use Infographics to explain complex ideas, big numbers, statistics and facts.

7. Infographics To Build Subscribers And Followers

You can use Infographics as your marketing tool. As soon as your Infographics go viral, it creates branding opportunities for your company. All you need to do is simply place your logo or company’s name on the image and provide a link to your page so that people may find a way to visit your page and become a follower.

Using Infographics can definitely add value to the SEO campaign of your company. So, wait no longer and get working on creating attractive and interesting Infographics for your webpage to maximize number of visitors and followers.

9 September 2015

How to earn by investing in Share market

I’m exactly not sure but I presume almost all the guys who have seen ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ movie once had a dream to be like him. I mean lets be practical, who won’t love driving a Ferrari/Lamborghini, living in a multi million Villa located in most Porsche city of world and much more. Talking about general facts we can see every third college guy, a settled man or a retired individual keeping this wish beneath his pillow every night. But there is one thing which stops most of us and that’s the fear of getting drowned in loss which nowhere is false. We can see numerous examples around linked with same and are trying to overcome it.

So the question arises, is movie fake? Is stock market more about loss than profit? Answer from my perspective (basically based on calculations done by masters) is that it isn’t all about luck. Those getting loss are result of lack of knowledge. Here today I’ll be sharing with you five keys you need to have before you enter the share market. Let’s begin the boulevard to be a millionaire:

1- Learn about the game: This is the first thing, engulf all about the share market. Go through some basic books, attend seminars (or find some on youtube) and get yourself familiarized with the mutual fund, ETF and other basic stuffs. Remember ‘half knowledge is more dangerous than being a fool’. Most of the share market players get fail because they aren’t acknowledged about the entire play and hold ‘half knowledge’, which is basically based on heard stories or those they just saw and failed to learn from. Movies never narrate you the entire saga.

2- Keep it low: I understand you want to earn a million as soon as possible but begin with the low cost ETF’s. This won’t just lessen your risk but will increase the probability of getting higher profits. By investing in ETF’s you’ll have command over more than 7,000 individual positions and even if one goes bankrupt, you are left with remaining 6,999.

3- Play to participate: Every master needs a training time. However you have entire arena to test your proficiency and prove one in case you have. Never ever invest believing you’ve won, instead invest to be a part of it. Profits have larger chances of maximizing when rolled over for long run.

4- Manage your investment: With this I mean, before investing keep aside certain amount which you are ready to lose. I don’t mean invest it recklessly but this will give you enough confidence to invest and simultaneously will enable you to play for longer run without any expectation to have it. Remember the famous saying, ‘expect the unexpected’ and believe me share market is more of unexpected game. Let’s take an example, suppose you think Africa will face a boom in IT sector after 8 years (an example), invest your ‘ready to lose’ amount, who knows it does and turn your penny to pounds.

5- Stay alert: Last but definitely not the least, keep in mind, most of the successful investors don’t rely upon number crunching (basically based on annual reports) but they stay tuned with the press releases, public comments the management of any firm is making, their participation in social and other acts and yes the shareholders correspondence.

Before signing off I would just say, there is no key to success, doors are and will remain open. It’s you who has to find the way till there. Play a smarter game.

6 August 2015

12 Reasons for growth in eCommerce

These days E-commerce has become a highly charismatic tool to attract large pool of potential customers. No matter which part of the corner the traders are sitting in, they can always target their potential customers from thousands of kilometers away. E-commerce is a boon for both traders and the customers.Check out some magnetic reasons for striking growth of eCommerce business.

1. Accessibility

This is the first pillar of eCommerce success. The vast platform of internet assists the customers to shop for anything they want lurking in their mind while sitting at their home despite of their location. The probability of attracting the large number of customers is far higher in eCommerce in contrast to actual physical shops.

2. No destination barriers

In eCommerce, distance does not create any hindrance to the shoppers. While shopping they are always at cool mindset and physical ease. Their entire shopping is facilitated merely by the click of a mouse.

3. E-commerce is comparatively economical

The cost incurred by the shoppers while making purchases is usually low. It is because the merchants do not have to spend surplus amount while renting a place or hiring the staff. Apart from these expenses, the vendors save much on electricity and water bills too. They share a lion share of their benefits with the customers offering them enticing discounts. Customers on the other hand save on transportation cost.  These reasons have offered eCommerce a competitive edge over other physical retailers.

4. The displayed items are pretty reasonable for the shoppers

It is due to the reduced peripheral costs. The low cost, attractive discounts and promotional offers sent via email has made eCommerce further popular.

5. Internet connectivity everywhere

The presence of computers all around and the growing number of mobile gadgets in every hand with internet connectivity has become another stimulating reason for online shopping.

6. Shopping at customers pace

Shopping can be carried at the customer’s ease and desires with no restrictions due to odd days, unusual timings or bad weather conditions. These virtual shops are opened 24x7, 365 a days.

7. eCommerce business takes less starting time

More and more people are embarking on this profession because it is comparatively easy to start in contrast to brick and mortar retailing and service operation business.

8. Knowledge increases with convenience

Computers with internet connection are an addiction and make shoppers stick to it for pretty longer period of time. Their knowledge about various products and services keep on increasing. By keeping their butts on the same place, they can have a comparative view while making selection of best products. In short to say, convenience stays at the top.

9. No limitation of physical location space

Most of the physical retail stores face limitations with stocking their supplies. On the other hand E-commerce do not face any such limitations and  sales can be generated multi-fold times . It’s because the products can be stocked anywhere and it does not have to be at any primary location. This is one of the biggest reasons that have forced many physical stores to start eCommerce business increasing the sales of their products.

10. People do not have time to shop

Many times, shoppers can’t manage to go out due to very busy schedules and hence make purchases while traveling or being in office. They do not have to face issues of traffic jams and searching for the stores situated at the odd places.

11. Search engine- the first step of online shopping

Most of the potential customers begin their search via search engines if they have no idea for online shopping. Brand names can be easily traced anywhere, but shopping for hidden offers through the stores located in interiors is possible only via eCommerce.

12. eCommerce enhances the visibility of the stores

Promotions are a great way to boost high sales helping both the customers and the sellers. With eCommerce, business can be flourished in short span of time reaching new as well as old customers or for carrying repetitive business. Product promotions encourage the shoppers to make the purchase the very same day.

The benefits of eCommerce are tantalizing and hence the world of virtual internet provokes the customers to shop through all corners of the world despite of their locations.  If shoppers are looking for most economical products at a reasonable price eCommerce is definitely a popular choice.
For more details, visit Intellipaat

23 July 2015

Top 5 Facebook Mobile Apps for Marketing

Are you curious about what you can & cannot do from your phone/smartphone with Facebook Mobile apps? Facebook has a number of mobile apps, from pages, to ads, to groups, which make you stay connected while marketing on the go. Let's take a look at the different capabilities the mobile Facebook apps which are available on the market.

Facebook Mobile App

Firstly, you need to install this basic Facebook Mobile App on your smartphone. There are lots of things you can do from this application, like access your personal information, pages & groups (just click on the 3 horizontal bars in the upper-right corner).
From there, you can easily post to your page or comment on other posts. When you click on the insights tab on your mobile, you could also see the recent activity & scheduled posts, as well as limited states.

Facebook Pages App

Install the Facebook Pages app on your mobile device to increase your connection to your page. With Facebook Pages app, plenty of things you can do including access the home feed of your page. Pages Feed displays the posts of the pages you have liked as your page & you can comment as your page.
Also, you can view & respond to messages to your Facebook page through the app.  Just click the speech bubble to access your page's messages. Then respond to messages which have been delivered to your page.

Facebook Messenger App

Many people do not realize how impressive the Facebook Messenger app could be. You will be able to make international calls for free to anybody else who has the installed app, make a free video call or leave a voice message for anybody with the app. Also, you can install extra features to the app by simply clicking on the three dotted icon at the bottom of the screen.

Facebook Group App

The Facebook Group app has the ability to easily manage your groups & watch for updates. If you are an admin of a group, this cool app is a must.
Install the app & you can simply see which groups have new activity. Move the groups you make use of the most to the top of the screen. Simply hold down the icon of that Facebook group & move it to the top of the screen. Determine which groups require what notifications & set them up the way you would like them, so you do not get confused with notifications you do not need.

Ads Manager

The Ads Manager has significantly improved over the last year. You can conveniently switch between accounts, turn ads off and on & adjust the schedules.

As soon as you select the Ads Manager, you'll be taken into the latest ads account you accessed.  Scroll to the bottom of the page to decide on a different account, if you manage ads for several clients. Using the Ads Manager on a smartphone, you can edit your ad set budget & schedule, and even get details on performance including reach, frequency & cost per conversion.

Nowadays, in the fast-paced life, it is nice to know that you can do Facebook marketing with your phone anytime, anywhere. Facebook mobile apps improve your visibility & productivity. Plus, you do not need to get anxious about missing an important update or not turning your ads off or on when they have to be managed. Orange County digital marketing agency can provide best social media marketing services to enhance your social base.

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