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11 February 2017

7 SEO Trends to Prepare for in 2017

SEO is one of the most important thing a webmaster should take care of and recently i get my hand over and awesome infographic related to that So i thought of sharing it with my viewers. You will find SEO trends that you should follow in 2017. so below you can see that infographic.

11 September 2015

7 Reasons Why Infographics Are A Saviour For Your SEO Campaign

What Are Infographics?

Before considering how important of an asset Infographics are for SEO designing, it is essential to learn what they actually are. Infographics are visual representation of service model for the purpose of knowledge sharing. For conveying ideas to visitors, relevant and highlighted information is presented in a graphical manner where images are used along with text to grab their attention.

Infographics have been termed as an effective method to convey information quickly and more effectively as compared to lengthy descriptions.

What many people ignore is the fact that such Infographics can be utilized and made more effective by encouraging links. While planning an SEO strategy, consider following reasons why you should opt for Infographics:

1. Infographics Can Be Shared

Infographics are easy-to-understand and shareable. All you need to do is to make them attractiveand interesting for the target audience and simply wait till it gets viral on social media.The more people share your link, more will you get visitors on your page through links. The mostinfluencing factor while designing Infographics should be the visitors’ interest because if you fail to capture it, then they will not share it and the Infographics will serve no purpose for your business.

2. Easier To Track

Whether you have used embedded codes or not, it is very easy to track Infographics. You can get all relevant information from the analytics as they can help you find out the number of clicks and page views along with view time. You can also easily measure the volume of traffic that is generated through Infographics.

3. Infographics As News-jacking Tools

The Infographics are good for this purpose because they help editors with useful points when they are working on a new story. Infographics are more essentially an important tool for data analysis and release.

4. Infographics Do Not Necessarily Need To Be Expensive

If you are hesitating from hiring somebody for providing you with attractive Infographics for your page due to financial restrictions, don’t be anymore. With the popularity of Infographics, many freelance graphic designers agree to create Infographics at cheaper rates. All you need to do is to provide them with the researched content that you want to include in your page’s Infographics. Just like students rely on masters thesis writers for academic problems, you can rely on expert freelancing graphic designers for your Infographics and relax.

5. You Can Get Credit From The Journalists

Though you might be taking statistics from some other reliable source, if your Infographics get viral on internet, the journalists and audience will be quoting those statistics via your reference. You may gain popularity and exposure in masses indirectly through the information that you use in Infographics. So, be very particular about the kind of information you select to include in Infographics and be sure about their reliability as well.

6. Visual Format Makes Understanding Easy

A human brain is not able to register large numbers and data. Therefore, Infographics is a great way to convey statistics in an effective manner. If we talk in terms of psychology, visual aids have higher mnemonic and pedagogic value, so you can also use Infographics to explain complex ideas, big numbers, statistics and facts.

7. Infographics To Build Subscribers And Followers

You can use Infographics as your marketing tool. As soon as your Infographics go viral, it creates branding opportunities for your company. All you need to do is simply place your logo or company’s name on the image and provide a link to your page so that people may find a way to visit your page and become a follower.

Using Infographics can definitely add value to the SEO campaign of your company. So, wait no longer and get working on creating attractive and interesting Infographics for your webpage to maximize number of visitors and followers.

4 April 2015

How To Check Your Domain Performance

How To Check Your Domain Performance

I you have a domain or you want to buy a domain from any friend then how you would be able to check that weather it is safe to buy or not or weather it was involved in  any malicious activity before.Well you don't have to worry about that because in this article I will tell you how to do this all work and How to Check your domain performance.

Search you Domain's Name

To check that weather your domain is appearing on Google from you domain search or to see if someone else is saying something about you domain on any other website search your domain name on Google Example Free Top Tools or azhblog in my case because this search will show us all the places where these names are being used.

Website Search

Now you have to search your website in Google with the help of a dork.Well dorks are the keywords
which help us to find some fix things in Google so we will use and this will show you all the pages of your website on Google .Now if you are able to see all the posts of your website with latest post of your website then it is Good sign and if not then its bad.

Check Your Website Through Archive

Now if you go to a website known as there will see a option to put your website put your
website domain over there and press enter and you will be able to see the previous look
of your website if that was being used by someone else before

Checking Website Through Webmaster Tools

Now if you are buying domain from your friend or someone else say him to provide you webmaster tools analysis now from there you can check the details about that domain that weather if that was working god or he is selling because of a result of spamming and if you have already have bought that domain then you could  do a reconsideration request to Google

If you have any problem regarding this article feel free to comment below

3 April 2015

How To Rank Without Backlinks

Can a website rank without backlinks

Well if we think about backlinks the question arises in our mind that what are backlinks, how are they helpful and weather my website can be ranked without backlinks? So how to rank without backlinks Most of people think that we can not rank a website without backlinks but unfortunately this is not true.You can rank without website but yes backlinks really help in increasing rank but believe me when your website rank will start to increase backlinks will be formed automatically.

Well backlinks are useful but they are dangerous too for your website if you have done well for making a backlink then that backlink will help you but if you haven't then they can be declared as spam too .if you will have a look towards ranked website you will come to know that those websites have backlinks but there will be also many website which have less amount of backlinks. Backlinks are not only the thinks which are used to rank website those are just a one thing but for ranking a website you should have good content and better keywords we can say that content quality is the main thinks which helps to rank a website so it means you if you want to rank a website you must have Good quality content

Backlinks are only one factor to rank a website good content will  also help you in getting visitors if you are providing good any quality content which is liked by Visitors then they will definitely check more stuff on your website.One more thing that you will get by providing quality content is nature and organic backlinks suppose some one have really liked your article and he have shared it on his Website/Blog then you will get a natural backlink that is why I mentioned above you will get backlinks automatically by publishing Good content.

Social Shares AKA Social SEO

Now a days social SEO has grown and most of people are now ranking through social SEO. So always try to get more and more social signals if you want to rank well in Google the more social signal you have better there are chances to rank in Google. One of my Friend Who is very Good in SEO have just written a eBook on how to rank without backlinks and you know what he says social signals are key to success if you want to rank well in Google and defiantly quality content too.So here you can download WhiteRank - Rank Website Easily for his original website. Do comment below about feedback of this book i know you will love it.

26 March 2015

How to write a blog post step by step method

Writing a blog post is a great skill now days if you don’t know how to write a blog post your blogging is useless because you are not getting good amount of visitors and you are not ranked well in search engines because you have not wrote a good post. Many people over the internet don’t even know how to write a blog post but no worries if you are one of them because in this article I am going to tell you a proper way of writing a blog post before we start you should remember one thing that it takes time to rank in Google so you have to wait for some time to get your results.

Understand your audience

If you want to learn how to write a blog post the first step is that you must know your audience. If you don’t know your audience you cannot make them happy first you have to figure out what your audience need for example if almost all of your audience know much about business so you would now be telling them how to start a business because they already know that you should give them tips of increase you business ranking etc. So first research and know what you audience need.

Select a topic

The secret for writing a blog post is topic selection before you start any blog first you have to do a lot research. Select a specific topic and research on it always select that topic about which people search and you are should be familiar with that topic.

Write Attractive heading

Now if you have selected your topic you have to write. Now first and the most important thing is to add an attractive heading to it so that people could attract towards your post as old people say first impression is the last impression so you should give an awesome first impression.


Now it’s time to write main content of post always remember content is king so always provide quality content and try to write long posts because if you will search anything in Google you will mostly fine long posts which are ranked you post should be minimum 500 words. Provide all the details you know about that post any try to teach others easy way so that they could admire you as a good teacher.

Fix your formatting

Now you have got a lot of knowledge about how to write a blog post so it’s almost end after completing the whole post make what you have to do is bold some important lines use headings before starting a paragraph and us h1 and h2 tags to do so.


Use different keywords in your post which you want to rank and repeat those keywords several times in you post like in this your my keyword is how to write a blog post so I will repeat it few times in my post so you could do the same but always remember do not repeat it a lot be in limits otherwise Google will think its spamming .

Last words

Now after reading this post you have come to know how to write a blog post but reading is not enough so be practical and use these instruction on you blog. If you like our article kindly shares it with you friends and so that they could also use it for their benefit.

24 March 2015

What is SEO Brief Introduction about SEO

What is SEO ?

Well SEO stands for Search Engine optimization and the simplest definition of search engine optimization can be defined as “The Process of understanding Search Engines and ranking yourself” Well basically search engine optimization helps you a lot if you are reading this article then this is also due to SEO because the main purpose of search engine optimization is to making something popular to other by any means whenever you search for something in Google, Yahoo or being or any other search engine definitely you will see many websites regarding you search results now that is outcome of SEO. Now after knowing what is SEO its time know know a little bit about types of SEO Types of search engine optimization

  • On page SEO
  • Off page SEO

What is on Page SEO

On page search engine optimization is within the page of your article or post for example the quality of your post the length of your post and the keywords you used etc these type of thing are included in on page SEO.

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What is off page SEO

Off page search engine optimization consists upon those things which you have to do after publishing your article for example sharing you post on social Medias creating backlinks etc these things are included in off page search engine optimization. So you have figured it out that what is SEO and search engine optimization is not that difficult the last thing that you should always keep in mind that about 80% of internet users never view Google’s second page you can take you own example have you ever checked on second page on any of you random search. Now there are few things which really help you to rank in Google but the most important thing is that you must know How to write a post because if you don’t have much knowledge about writing a post it means you don’t have chance to rank in Google after that you should go towards other thing soon I will post an article on Basics of SEO so keep visiting and a tip I will like to give you at the end is that always create the site which is love by people you will definitely get a large amount of visitors. If you have any question regarding what is SEO or any thing in this this article do comment below i will love to answer them

4 January 2015

How to submit website to Google

How to submit website to Google

Hey everyone today I have come up with a very interesting article and this article will be really helpful for all of you as many of friends have asked me about How to submit website to Google and you guys are going to enjoy it. In this article I am going to show you Methods for submitting website to Google so that It can be indexed in Google. In this article I will also show you how you can index your website on Google within 2 minutes. I am going to show you guys three ways of submitting website to Google so let’s start. Before i tell you  first you should know how Google works.

How to submit website to Google

How does Google work?

Why I am telling you how Google works because it is important if you would know how does Google work then you can easily rank your article or index your website on Google by implementing those things which are used in working of Google there are three features which are used by Google crawling, indexing and serving result I will give you introduction to these the you could know what are these.

What is Crawling ?

“This is the process through which Google bot index new pages and updated page in Google” Google have a huge number of computers that are used in crawling billion of page this program is called Google bot and it is working on an algorithm that how often to crawl a site and how many pages to be index from a website. This process starts with a list of url provided by a crawler and these url are taken from sitemap provided by webmasters later on I will show you how to submit sitemap in this article.

What is Indexing ?

Google bot crawl each page provided to it for indexing it uses alt tags and title tags and later on it index the pages for serving results to users.

Serving results

When a user search anything. Google try to provide the most relevant result to its user and this relevancy depends upon almost 200 factors One of those factor is PageRank if you PageRank is good your site will show in top of search results. If you want ranking of your website your website must be crawl and indexed in Google completely now here below in am providing three methods to submit your website to Google for crawling.

How to submit website to Google

Submitting url to Google
Submitting sitemap of website
Fetching your website in webmaster tools

Method 1 (submitting url to Google)

You can submit site to Google by submitting website url to Google this method is very simple and it can be done in very short period of time what you have to do is just go to and past your website url fill the captcha and submit request your website will be submitted to Google

How to submit website to Google

Method 2 (submitting sitemap of website)

Sitemap is provided by a website owner to Google through webmaster tools for submitting a sitemap you must have a gmail account if you don’t have any gmail account create one that is very simple and then Google to there sign in using your gmail account now click on add website button.

How to submit website to Google

Now enter your url of your website and verify you site by placing a meta tag in your header of template or by uploading a file in your cpanel it depends upon you.

How to submit website to Google

How to submit website to Google

 Now after verifying your website it’s time to submit a sitemap expand crawl option on right site in dashboard and click on sitemap

How to submit website to Google

How to submit website to Google[/caption] There click add a sitemap and place you sitemap there you can use this sitemap generator for creating a sitemap here give your website like and total number of posts after that you will be provided a sitemap place that sitemap in the box and click submit If you are using WordPress you can submit a site map by using a plugin called Google xml sitemap after verifying the site in webmaster tools just active you plugin your sitemap will be submitted

Method 3 (Fetching your website in webmaster tools)

This method is the fastest method to submit site to Google by using this method you can index website on Google very fast you can say within two minutes because when you will submit your website Google bot will crawl it within two minutes Just log in to your webmaster tools and expand crawl option there click on fetch as Google there provide your url which you want to submit and click fetch

How to submit website to Google

Now click on submit and congratulation your website is submitted to Google you can past the url in Google search for conformation after two minutes

How to submit website to Google

Here Below Your can see my tutorial on how to submit website and sitemap to Google. i have explained then above methods in this video so that you can understand it better do subscribe to my channel for more videos.

Watch Video!

That’s all for post if you have any problem just leave them in comment box I will love to answer them enjoy and if you like the article please share it that’s enough to say thanks

11 October 2014

5 Types Of Posts That Gets The Most Shares

5 Types Of Posts That Gets The Most Shares

If you are working hard on your blog and trying to wrote the best content you can and you are providing the best knowledge but still not getting that response you want neither you got much visitors nor you articles are being shared or liked.So today in this article I am going to tell you 5 Types of posts that get the most shares

List Posts

List posts are the most successful post from all other posts because of there awesome heading these posts
consist of a main heading and a small detailed paragraph on it there are the post which gets the most shares if you will search my blog you will find the most of my posts are list posts

For Example

Brilliant Tips To Get Adsense Account Approved
How To Protect Your Website From Hackers 

Free Guides

The type of posts which consist of free guides also get the most shares and like because of guidance they have and almost every one search for a guide in beginning and these type of posts also have quality information these type of posts consist of a simple guide suppose you are expert in Search Engine Optimization the what you have to do  is write a guide on search engine optimization for beginning so that they could know what is SEO and all that and at the end just write if you like our post share it

For Example


interviews are also important and they get a lot of shares too but about interviews you should keep one thing in mind that interview those people which are much famous because you will get shares when other people know the person whom you have interviewed in interview you can simply ask question like what is you education and when did you started your work etc all these question depend upon the person you are interviewing

Featuring Someone

Featuring Someone is similar to interviewing someone but the difference is you do not have to ask question from that person you just simply have to get all the knowledge about that person write a post and then simple let him know that i have posted about you

Group Interviews

Group interviews get the most shares because in Group Interviews you just ask same question from different experts and post there answers with there names on your website the definitely al of the are good in there field so people will definitely share those posts and will read that this will give you good traffic too


So these were the posts will get the most shares while writing make sure that you are publishing good content and don't forget to share your thoughts in comment section below

24 September 2014

5 tips to improve your website rank

Five tips to rank your website

Ranking up your website is a great problem now a days due to so  much Competition there are hundred and thousand of websites on the same topic so how can you improve your website and get in on the top so I will give you Five tips through which you can improve your website rank

1: Publish Good Content

Good quality content is the first thing that will help you to bring up your website the good content you will post more chances will be there for your website to be ranked because people always want good and quality content.Chose a keywords for your post and repeat it several times in your post as heading or in bold words and in simple content this will also help your rank to be improved.

2: update you Website

Update your website regularly because you will notice the day you have updated your website the performance of that day will be much better than the other day when you don't have updated your website.

3: Metadata

Meta tags are used to tell what your website is about or what your post is about you should add Metadata tags in your website while coding or if you are using any CMS like WordPress or Blogger they are already set by the coders now there are then types of Metadata about which you have to care

     * Title Metadata
title MetaData is the first and most important thing this is used for the title of the page you have to add this in all your pages if you are using and CMD it will be already set

     * Description Metadata
Description Metadata tells about a what or post that what is it used for you what things dose this page contains.It help in searching you website but if you are using any CMS they are already set

      * keywords Metadata
Now keywords are the words or lines which people type to search your website or and article like if I want to search this post in Google I will search "5 Tips To improve your website rank" now what you have to do is just use these keywords several time to get your website rank on these keywords but don't be much greedy because if you will use these more then limits they will be neglected while searching  you use it 5 to 6 times only.

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4:Worthy Links

Try to add worthy links in your titles instead of add click here to see this articles.There are no searches for Click Here and instead in Click here you can add title or the Keyword on your article like "5 tips to improve website rank" these thing will help you more because instead of you less thing we can add those things which gives us benefits.

5:Use alt Tags

Always use alt tags while posting any video or picture to you website in any article because there are many text base browsers and these tags help search engines to know about the picture or video you have added

8 September 2014

How To Get Your Blog Read By Getting on First Page of Google

How To Get Your Blog Read

SEO is most important thing for getting your website on first page of Google for those who are blogging should have knowledge about SEO.There is no need to be expert in SEO for getting your website on first page of Google but you should have little amount of knowledge on SEO this knowledge will help you in getting your website index in search engines.First you should know What is SEO and for what dose it stand for then you can further study about SEO.

What is SEO

SEO Stands for Search Engine Optimization.It is the process of getting traffic from search engines with the help of SEO you can Get On the First Page of Google and suppose your result are on First page of Google you will get traffic or not ? defiantly you will get huge amount of traffic.well the is what SEO is for now you can realize the importance of SEO for blogs/websites.

Ways To Get On the First Page of Google

Getting on first page of Google in not a cup of tea but for those who are expert in SEO they can easily bring there website/blog on first page of Google.In this article i will tell you How Can You Get On The First Page of Google those points which i will tell you will not make you a SEO expert but will be able to bring your website on first page for those keywords which have low competition Quality is king this is true but SEO dose not depends upon only quality yes quality has its own importance but there are few thing that you should always have keep in mind those things are given below.

Importance of Keywords


Keywords have a lot of importance in SEO when you write a post i suggest you to first chose a keyword which you want to rank on Google. For Example If you are writing a post on SEO well it is very difficult to bring this keyword on top but i am giving just a example if you want to rank a key word which is SEO you will have to use this keyword several time in your article but you will have to write it in limits.Now as we have selected the keyword SEO so we will use the keyword in our Post Title as in this article my title is Get On the First Page of Google so you should have SEO keyword in your post title to rank it in Google.Now once we have used our keyword in post title now we will also add that keyword in our subheadings like Importance of keywords

now if you have used your keyword in subheading now use that keyword in simple plain text in the article two or three times this will also help you to Get On the First Page of Google.

Importance of Backlinks


backlinks have also great importance to Get On the First Page of Google.First let me tell you what are backlinks. Backlinks are the hyper links which are pointing towards your website from another website these are very important and backlinks will help you a lot to Get On the First Page of Google your should always try to backlink with those websites which have good rank in Google and try to make edu and Govt sites backlinks these are building blocks of website they help you to get traffic backlinks also helps to increase Google page rank of your website/Blog .If no one is visiting your page then there is only single option to get people is by backlinking your pages with other page they why backlinks are importance

Importance of Social Media


Social Media have a great importance in getting huge amount of traffic strongly suggest to use social media too for getting traffic the articles you publish share them on Facebook , twitter , linkedin etc creat a fan page for your website and a group too and share all of your stuff over there also make a twitter account and increase your no. of followers these social media are a great source of traffic

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Length of Your Posts


many of people ask me that how much long there article/post should be so i would like to add this thing in this article well this is important too for traffic you post should be minimum 300 words because in small posts you can not use proper keywords etc so you should post a article which have at least 300 words if you Google any thing the articles you would see on top will be defiantly more than 300 words and al ways try to write simple and user friendly post the will also increase your users because they can easily understand your wording

1 September 2014

How To Increase Alexa Rank

How To Increase Alexa Rank

Alexa this is the word which you have listen hundred of thousand of times by people or you have mostly seen a lot of articles on Google Increase Alexa Rank such like that.This first question arrives in our mind What is Alexa Rank.Well Alexa is a Company which was founded in 1996 and it provides us web site traffic reporting and gives us our rand according to our traffic data.Alexa doesn't effect SEO of website its is different from SEO but now a day it has a lot of Importance because Alexa Ranking is famous issue people often check Alexa Rank before buying and website from developers.Now the question Arises How To Increase Alexa Rank well there are few simple steps if you will follow them you can easily Increase Alexa Rank.

Ways To Increase Alexa rank


Publish Content On Daily Basis

Suppose you have joined a fitness center and you want to make muscles or whatever you want.So what you will do you will definitely go there on daily basis because absence in not the solution your aim will be fulfilled only if you will go on daily bases same is the condition with Alexa Rank if you want to Increase Alexa Rank publish content in daily basis and you will yourself feel the difference in your Alexa Rank.


Add Alexa Rank Widget to your Blog/Website

Now when you are working on you website on daily basis so there you be a great problem in checking you Alexa rank again and again so i will suggest you to add a Alexa Rank Widget that will help you a lot there are two types of widget one will show back-links too and other will only show Alexa Rank of your website.Click Here for Alexa widget.


Add Alexa Toolbar to Your browser

Alexa Tool bar is also one of the most important thing which will help you in analysis because if you have installed that toolbar every page you will visit will contain its Alexa Ranking Information so you will get an idea what kind of websites have what type on Alexa Rank.Click Here For Alexa Toolbar.


Request Others for a review

One more important thing to Increase Alexa Rank is to say your users to give a review about your website on Alexa this will help you a lot in  Increasing Alexa Rank if you have few reviews on Alexa you will feel that your Alexa Rank has been increased.



the most important thing is the number of backlinks and specially quality backlinks the more and quality backlinks you have the faster your Alexa Rank will increase and you will feel it yourself because i have experienced this try to make quality backlinks of your website/Blog.

If you will follow the simple way i have mentioned above you Alexa Rank will definitely increase within days let me know if this article helped you by commenting you views in below comment section this will make me feel good and work hard after reading your reviews.

21 August 2014

5 Killer Tips To Increase Website Traffic

Increase Website Traffic

1: Quality Content

First thing which is most important in Search Engine Optimizing is Content  "The better Content you Give the More you are able to get traffic" Google always tries to provide best result to its users and if you have good content then there are your chances to get on first page but not only good content is enough to get you on first page.There are many factors which are important like Back-links, on page ,off page SEO etc.If your website is on first page then this will also Increase Website Traffic.
Tips To Increase Website Traffic

2: Usage of Multimedia

Use Attractive Photos and Images in your Content.If you are using Attractive Photos user will enjoy more on your site and will feel good to spend time on your website.You can also use helpful Videos relating to your content not only videos use can also use slide share etc.More Attractive Images and videos will attract more users and this can Increase Website Traffic.

3: Use Social Media

Now a days social media is a great way to get huge amount of traffic to your website.There are million of people on Facebook,Twitter ,Linkedin etc.You can get a great benefit from here share your Article on social media and as there are many web masters to follow them for getting more knowledge and experience.Join groups on Facebook of you field so in short Social media will help you a lot to Increase Website Traffic.

4: SEO 

SEO is one of the best and the finest way to get traffic on websites you have to bring SEO of you website with the sake of time.use meta tags and use related posts in your website.Use keywords in you titles Search Engine Optimization is the Best and Permanent way to Increase Website Traffic.

5: Back-links:

Back-links are the most important thing in ranking you website and if you have a ranked website you will definitely Do-follow back-links increase website rank in very small time so you can get ranked and increase Website Traffic.

18 July 2014

Importance of SEO for Website/Blog

Importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


What Is SEO ?

What Is SEO? this is the first question which arises in our mind when we hear the word SEO.Well SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.The Main purpose of SEO is to optimize your website in Search Engines youcan see the process of search engine optimizations in the image on your side.

Why SEO Is Important?

Importance of SEOWell i would say Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is similar to out Soul if a body has no soul it is useless but in case of SEO you Content will not be totally useless but it would be almost useless.It is SEO which brings your website on first page on Search Engines like Google,Yahoo,Bing etc.SEO makes the content of a article/post more attractive and relative to search engines.Search Engine Optimization can will increase you websites page rank in search engines and it will help you to grow your website traffic.SEO is very benefit for business purposes.

Things which Makes SEO Easy

These are many things out there which makes SEO vary easy now a days.This Best Advice i can give to you for SEO is "DO NOT COPY" someone's content this is the thing which will effect your.Always try to wright you own content.Try to make back links of your website on other high ranked websites.Another thing which is really helpful for getting traffic to your website is "Social Media" always share you articles on social medias you have joined like Facebook , Twitter, LinkedIn etc they will give you a lot of traffic but do not depend only social media traffic because they are temporary real traffic is through search engines which is permanent source of traffic for your website.

Best Tool for SEO

Google webmaster tool is the best thing which will help you in SEO.There are many tools for SEO in Gogle Webmaster Tools.It is a service provided by Google for webmasters.It allows you to check your website status etc it is free to use and its best service is that you can submit sitemap.

Well This is much for today if you have any question just leave in the comment and keep visiting this is what make me enthusiastic to wright more and more.

12 July 2014

8 Steps To Improve Blogger SEO

SEO is essential for blogs because without SEO you can never get a rank in Search Engines.Now a days there is so much competition and SEO matters a lot.You Should have a lot of knowledge about SEO for participating the that competition.Here i am providing few Essential SEO Tips with which you can rank your blog.
Improve Blogger SEO

1. Optimizing Headings Of Blog:

By default in blogger Many Blogger templates H3 HTML tag for title but this is not good for SEO because search engines Will See H1 and H2   before H3 So you will need to change All H3 To H2.

Go to template >> Edit HTML
Search H3
Replace All H3 With H2  

2. Optimizing post Title:

For Optimizing post title for the blew steps.
Go To Template>>Edit Html.
Search the below code:
Replace It With And Save the template

<b:if cond=’data:blog.pageType == &quot;index&quot;’> <title><data:blog.title/></title> <b:else/> <title><data:blog.pageName/> | <data:blog.title/></title> </b:if>

3. Optimizing labels:

Labels and tags are the same thing and they play important roll in SEO so we have to optimize them too.

Go TO template >> Edit HTML
Search the below code:

<a expr:href=’data:label.url’

Replace it With the below code and save the template

<a expr:href=’data:label.url’ rel=’tag,nofollow’

4. Optimizing Comments Of your Blog:

Comments also play important roll in SEO they also help us in increasing our Alexa rank.So we Should also take a look on Comments Follow the blow Steps for Optimizing your Comments.

Go To Templates >> Edit HTML
Search Code Below Code


Replace It  With Code Given Below and save the template.

rel=’external nofollow’ expr:href=’data:post.createLinkUrl’

5. Optimizing Archive Of Blog:

Mostly archive make Disturbance for crawlers So We Have to Optimize it too
Follow The Below Steps.

Go To Templates >> Edit HTML
Search Code Below Code

<a class=’post-count-link’ expr:href=’data:i.url’>

Replace It  With Code Given Below and save the template.

<a rel=”archives” class=’post-count-link’ expr:href=’data:i.url’>

6. Changing Static Meta Description:

Few templates have old meta description code to Change it

Go To Templates >> Edit HTML
Past The below Code Just Below the <Head> Tag.
<b:if cond=’data:blog.metaDescription != &quot;&quot;’>
<meta expr:content=’data:blog.metaDescription’ name=’description’/>

 7. Enabling Meta And Search Description:

 Go To Setting >> Search Preferences
 Click on  EDIT Custom robots header tags
 Follow The Below Image To Enable The Search Description

SEO Tips For Blogger
Apply The Same Settings to your Blogger after that you get a small search description in every post there you can add up to 150 search descriptions.

8. Adding Custom robot.txt file in Blog:

Custom robot.txt file will help you a lot but if you will not do this correctly then it can destroy your blog so be careful while applying these settings

Go To Setting >> Search Preferences
Click on Custom robot.txt
Paste the blew code in box and replace your URL with the URL of my blog and save it.

User-agent: Mediapartners-Google
User-agent: *
Disallow: /search?q=*
Disallow: /*?updated-max=*
Allow: /
It will look like as
Adding Custom robot.txt file in Blog

Now You Are Done With Blogger SEO So Enjoy
Now You just have to add Good Quality posts on you blog.Do Leave your comments below in comment box Thanks For reading.

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