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2 December 2015

7 Must Have Tools for Digital Marketing Enthusiasts to Produce Better Results

As digital marketers, we need to be updated all the time to stay ahead in the competition. And we should have latest digital marketing tools as Our industry is growing drastically and creating lot of opportunities for newbies and quick learners to become millionaires in a short span of time. But, it’s not possible unless you know the best use of appropriate tools to gather sufficient data and convert it into a useful form.

digital marketing tools

Many digital marketing evangelists and analysts say that the world of internet marketing depends on data.The more data you have, the more chances you will have to entertain your client in the best way.There are hundreds of tools available on internet to track data, behavior, demography, regions and everything you need to know about the audience,but choosing the most trusted tools can only transform you into a Digital Marketing Expert.

Let’s have a look at some of the most amazing and absolutely proven tools that you need as a digital marketer.

1: Google Analytics

As mentioned above, internet marketing is all about gathering data, interpreting it into a useful form and using it to produce better results. Therefore, it’s not possible for you to stay ahead in the world of marketing without the use of Google Analytics. It’s not a tool but a hub that let you track a website’s traffic and its sources. It showcases the impact of your keywords and it allows you to create weekly, monthly and yearly reports to analyze the overall performance. In short, it’s a must have tool for all internet marketers who want to learn and grow rapidly.

2: Google Webmaster Tools

Do you know which of your website’s page is getting indexed? Do you know how many errors your site  comes across in a day? Do you know which of your keywords are performing incredibly well? You can get answers to all your questions with the help of Google Webmasters Tools.

3: Hoot suite

The more you promote content, the better traffic it brings. Hoot suite is the best tool to manage all your social media handles such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and many more at the same time. Create your Hoot suite account right now for the promotion, management and tracking of your social channels.

4: Feedly

Read more, know more. This is what Feedly says and if you want to read and produce useful content for your audience, it’s a highly recommended tool. Do you know majority of the custom essay online service providers also utilize Feedly effectively to produce well-researched essays? It not only assists writersto read trendy articles related to a specific niche, it also provides a splendid chance to follow the industry’s influences and trend setters.


People respond more to visual content whether you are publishing it on social platforms or on your website’s blog because it looks extremely appealing, catchy and easy to grasp. is the perfect tool in this regard because it allows you to create beautiful infographics, videos and eBooks to convey your message more effectively.

6: Pingdom

Your website’s up time matters because if the visitor is unable to open your site’s landing page or thepage is taking considerable time, chances are that same visitor might not even come again to your site. Especially, when managing an e-commerce store, you need to be very careful and Pingdom is just a perfect solution to monitor such errors.

7: MailChimp

Email marketing is one of the most effective channels in the world of digital marketing. It plays a key role when converting visitors into potential leads. There are several other tools available for this purpose, but MailChimpis a tool which is simply incredible. It’s easy to send right message to the right person at the right time by MailChimp.
If you have other tools which are helpful let me know in comments below and don't forget to share you views if you have used any of the above tools.How was your experience ?

About Author:

Christina Matthew is a marketing executive at Groovy Essays and specializes in generating leads through tried and tested marketing strategies. When not strategizing marketing plans, she writes informational blogs on the topics of her liking.

7 September 2015

How To Do a screenshot on a PC and Mac

In this article you will lean how to do a screenshot on pc , mac and windows. Most of time when you are working to come to a point where you need a screenshot but most of people don't know how to do a screenshot this article is specially for them so that they can learn. I will teach manual method and by software too. So lets start.

How To Do a screenshot on a PC and Mac

How to do a screenshot on windows

I will teach you two method for doing a screenshot on windows one is manual and the other is by using a software.Lets move towards the first manual method.

Step1: Open the window of which you want screen short.In my case its my website page.

how to do a screenshot on windows

Step2: Now press Print Screen Button from your keyboard.

how to do a screenshot on windows

Step3: Open Pain from start bar of windows and press Ctrl+V this will past that captured screen.

Now you can crop that screen in paint as you can also use any other photo editor software instead of pain.

Now here is second method and its very easy and more comfortable as compare to manual method

Spet1: Download Lightshot software from the given link below (You can also use it on mac)
Download lightshot software

Step2: Press Print Screen Button from your keyboard

how to do a screenshot on windows

Step3: Now your windows Color will become dark select the area of which you want screen short and click on save button below. You can also write any text or mark any area and the best thing from upload button you can upload your screen short and get link.

How to do a screenshot on mac

screenshot on mac is very easy you can do s screenshot on mac in just three steps

Step1: Press Command + shift+4 button from keyboard NOTE you have to press these three buttons at same time.

Step2: Now select the area of which you want screenshot by using mouse click button.

Step3: now release the click button and you will find .png image on your desktop.

More ever you can also download lightshot for mac too if you have any other way do comment below.

6 September 2015

Best Text Editor For Windows Web Development

Text editor is one of those programs which we use in daily basis and they have very important role in our daily work now there are a lot of text editors out there but which on is best text editor for windows.After using many many text editors i have decided to let others know which one is best text editor for windows.

Best Text Editor For Windows

Best Text Editor For Windows

According to me the best text editor for windows is Notepad plus plus. This text editor is free and its support many programming languages too means this is also best for programmers for their coding work.This text editor is very easy to use like 123.If you have written some thing wrong in this editor it will highlight that word because of its highlighting feature.

Another best feature is auto compilation of words.It you will start some world in it this software will suggest you the complete word below.This also applies on Programming side because it also auto complete the commands.

Another reason is its multi tab interface that is why i have added notepad plus plus in best text editor for windows this software has multi tabs feature like any browser for example chrome or Firefox this software has tabs you can open more then one file at a time and work on them.

This program also have zoom in and zoom out function you can zoom in or out while working on projects.You can also bookmark you favorite or those documents on which you are working.

You can download Notepad plus plus from below link
Download Notepad Plus Plus

If you have any other good text editor in your mind do comment below and let me know.

6 May 2015

How To Use TeamViewer

How To Use TeamViewer

TeamViewer is one of the most useful tool it is mostly used when you need help from some friend and he is far away from you so you can use TeamViewer for remote access.You can also use TeamViewer for data transfer purpose because this feature is available in its new version in this article i will show you how can you use teamViewer to connect to someone's computer i will also add a video tutorial for better understanding if i would get time so lets start

How To Use TeamViewer

First you have to install TeamViewer so first download it from its original website or some where else or you can click below link to download it from its original website

                                TeamViewer Free Download

now if you have installed TeamViewer then follow the steps below to download it and if you have't and don't know how to install then see the video that i will give below because i will show you in this tutorial How To Use TeamViewer 

* First Double click on TeamViewer icon and ran TeamViewer you will see the start up of TeamViewer there you can see ID , Password and etc and how you want to use it Remote access or file transfer etc

* Now if someone wants to connect to your computer just give him the id and the password and he could easily connect to your computer and same is the case with you if you want to connect to someones computer then just ask him for his id and password and you will be able to connect to his computer

* Now if you got the username and password now put that username in box of partner id and click on connect to partner but make sure first that you have clicked on remote control

* Now after some time a small box will appear asking for password put your password there which you have received from your friend to whom you want to connect

Now after some time you will see the screen of your friends computer now you can control that computer remotely

3 January 2015

Sqlyog ultimate Download Full Version Free

Sqlyog ultimate a GUI sql manager is has combined features of mysql workbrench , php myadmin and many more tools its first version was developed in 2001 this tools is really helpful for web developers as I am also using it sqlyog have given a lot of comfort in web development it has a lot of features I am describing few of them below.

sqlyog ultimate free

Sqlyog ultimate

Here are some features of sqlyog ultimate

Session restore

Many of time your system is closed or something other may happen which closes your application and you loses you all open tables but sqlyog ultimate has feature to restore them with history tab

SSH http tunneling

If you don’t have direct access to mysql this tool will give you the access


Sqlyog ultimate have ability to backup you all data in very easy way


This tool helps you in your coding while you are coding it has autocomplete option that will help you to complete you code

Data search

Sqlyog also contains a search bar which will help you to search you all databases with in seconds.

sqlyog serial keys

Here are few serial keys for sqlyog you can download them below

Sqlyog serial download

Download sqlyog full version

You can download sqlyog free from the below given download button

 Download Sqlyog

Sqlyog features tour

Here is a video in which sqlyog features tour is given this video is not by me you can see it below thanks to video creator

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